Broken Capillaries etc.


A week ago, I managed to finish the beauty spa & therapy basic course. Yay! Another achievement and new experiences earned. 

And so I remember during the course, I got the chance to get a facial massage by our vocational training officer VTO (a beautician/therapist). She did some analysis on my skin and I nearly don’t believe when she said I have a normal skin type. All this time I thought I have a combination skin type cuz I thought I got this oily touch on my nose and a little bit or maybe sometimes on my forehead . Anyway, normal skin type does have skin problems too she said. As for me, I got those spidery thin lines called broken capillaries with quite lots of freckles and et cetera.

Bare face. omg.

Spot any skin problems other than the pigmentation on my right upper cheek? No?

Now you see ’em. 😂 Our VTO said it’s not that bad but still needs extra care such as protection from a direct sun exposure. I just nod although I know how much I hate wearing a sunblock. Is wearing a moisturizer that comes with spf30 consider as sunblock? noob 😅 my skincare regime is so simple af. lol. Facial cleanser, toner/face lotion, and moisturizer.

Though these broken capillaries or freckles are not painful, truthfully I envy those who doesn’t have even one of these. – flawless complex. I’ve read somewhere that laser treatment could help but idk…i guess let it be this way. 

Anyway, if you guys have any tips or advice about this, do let me know! 😊

Love, Mich 🌸

black sugar mask – see you on my next post!


Sunday #9

Sunday Post, Wander

I’ve been active in hiking lately and it’s really fun. During my college year, I hike a lot too but didn’t get the chance to take pictures. So I let that one of the reason to hike again even on the same place; take pictures as memories.

Like last Sunday, we hike again today in a different hill called Bukit Botak. I know that there’s more than one trail to hike this hill and my friend didn’t remember where was the starting point for easier regular route and we end up using the hardest and long route.

I don’t know about the short route, but this route is quite challenging for a fun hike purpose. It’s long, the path is narrow, and I think we passed another 2 small hills before reaching the finishing point. We even passed graveyard 😷 bad idea to use that route in the evening. And there’s only 3 of us using this route? Whyyyy

I still can’t believe we passed that thick forest – on the left side of this picture. If we’re going to use this route again, I’ll make sure to wear long pants 😂

Almost there! Whenever I feel like giving up, I’ll say to myself I HAVE to reach the top and take lots of awesome pictures! Haha. #instagramworthypictures

Spot the 🌈? So much beautiful things waiting for me up here

I did it! Hike at 6:45 am and reached top around 8:00 am. 

No filter needed!

So in love with the greenscapes 😍 

Hello you two strangers! 😂

Definitely will hike here again using the easy trail of course hehehe. 

I think I’m getting good on my hill run pace. I never dare to run downhill before but since last Sunday’s hike and today’s I run a lot up and down the hill. Still not good enough compare to my hiking partner, Mimie though. However, I’m feeling great! ✌

How was your Sunday? Hope you had an awesome day 😊

Love, Mich 🌸