Oh baby!

Random Picks

It’s been a week since my last post. Been busy with the family lately. Especially with the new member of the family, baby Psalm. Also been busy with preparing meals separately for us and for my sister. More to assisting my mom though; for my sister’s confinement kind of meal. 

I think I spend times in the kitchen more now than in the bedroom since baby Psalm was born 😂

I’m officially an aunt to baby Psalm Nathaniel. Thanks to God, baby and sister are in a good condition.

I can stare him all day 😘

I pray that baby Psalm is healthy and growing up well. 

Currently at my hometown now spending time with the family and to attend my bestfriend’s wedding tomorrow. I’m excited and happy for her 😄
Just a short update from me today. Will write some more next time after the wedding. ✌

Love, Mich 🌸