Today’s Journal #4

Skipped a few days because nothing much interesting on those days…

Sept 11

Hubby made Drunken Chicken Soup with lots of ginger for dinner! Yum! Of course it’s not Heineken inside the bottle lol. It’s a local rice wine (we call it Lihing) inside made by the local people here. I don’t know why my hubs prefer wok instead of pot. He did the same as well when cooking porridge. Never mind. It tastes good too! 😁

Sept 13

Made candle in a jar for the first time. Melted used candles at home and pour it into a sauce jar. It’s fun to do but of course needs a lot of patient with all the messiness around. It’s an upcycled product that I displayed on a booth at this one event recently.

Sept 15-16

It’s a privilege to be one of the volunteers for this one platform who organized public awareness to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic waste. It’s my first time being this kind of volunteer (apart from volunteering in churches) and also a first at this event too; Borneo Rhythm of Rimba.

Cool woodcut printing by a bunch of artists, musicians, and social activists.

Wanted to stay longer to enjoy the performances by some local artists but I was so tired…I guess my feet are not strong enough anymore for partying like the old days lol.

Sept 17

Husband is on outstation for 4 days that feels like 4 months lol.

Peeling skin from the sunburnt I got from camping last week. I was having so much fun inside the water that I didn’t care about not wearing any sunblock hah!

Monday, I went out to the Post office to claim my parcel not realizing it was still public holiday! Ughh what a waste of time and petrol! To the bright side, the road was clear so I had a good mood of taking the long drive to reach home instead of the usual road. Saw this Korean cafe in Inanam Capital so I parked and goes into the cafe, Mong Cafe.

I’ll write more about this cafe soon on my Bites n Sips series.

Sept 18

Woke up bloated and I feel funny. Maybe it’s the instant noodles I had late night last night. Whenever I watch Kdrama, and they’re eating Ramen, I’ll craved the same too. Lol!

Eggplant omelette for lunch today. Have you ever tried this before? It’s an eggplant that I intentionally burn (aah I love the smokey smells of eggplant) peel off the skin and fry it together with the egg. It simple and doesn’t look appetizing but I really enjoyed my lunch today! 😊

Got a prank call from hubby this evening! Damn I almost believe it’s from a company calling for an interview! 😂 I am so gonna save his friend’s phone number now.

Movie marathon the rest of the evening.

That’s all for today’s journal. Wish you all a lovely day! ❤


My Top 5 Favourite Quotes

I’m sure all of us have tons of favorite quotes to motivate ourselves or something that describes our feelings in this life. I have a lots of favorite quotes / verse, but let me share these for now.

Of course my top favorite will be this bible verse from the book of Psalm. God is powerful and God is within me. The reason why I picked the word “Be Still” as my tattoo.

Also a verse from the Bible. No need to explain more. I just love those words. It reminds me not just to pray when I’m in a joy moments but also when I’m having a hard time.

Because little things matter and spreading positives vibes won’t hurt! Yay?!

It’s a lie if I said I’d never wished my life could be so much better than now but that was before maturity kicks me. I realized how blessed I am to have this simple life I have right now…how blessed I am to have my parents, family and friends!

Marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows. I almost gave up, but the home that we built together got so much amount of love and not comparable with the total of hatred. This strong quote right here supported me in those dark times. I believe I have a strong beautiful heart, so I believe in love again.

That’s my top 5 favorite quotes that I always keep close to my heart. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Mich 🌺

Bites n Sips : Joylife Cafe

Last Saturday, after the food review session at Alu-Alu Kitchen, me and Fay decided to have a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. Too bad that Jess couldn’t join us. Next time okay?! 😀

| Joylife Cafe |

Location : Lot 5, Jalan Kilang, Sedco Light Industrial Estate, Kolombong (Opposite BSA Food Court)

Business Hour : 10 am – 6 pm | Mon – Sat


It’s a small cafe with a comfy-home vibes and what’s interesting with this cafe is, the owner, Jazel herself prepare everything and she’ll add/change different menu everyday.

Fay ordered Cafe Latte RM9, I got Mocha RM10 and both of us agreed to take the last piece of Banoffee Cheese Cake RM12; special menu of the day.

It’s my first time trying out Banoffee cake and man it was really good! It was not overly sweet, which why I really love and the cream cheese was beautifully light. So divine! Glad that we took that last slice!

For my drink, I love how smooth and velvety the latte art was. Unfortunately, it was too bitter for me lol. I guess I’ll just stick with hot chocolate or matcha latte whenever I go for a coffee sesh. I know some people love the bitterness tang of coffee but for me, I prefer sweet drink. Just like Fay who enjoyed her not-too-sweet latte. I remember how terrible the jitters got me later that evening due to that mocha!

I’d love to come back next time though to taste the mushroom onions cheese sandwich. Jazel said it’s everyone’s favourite! Aaah now I’m imagining having a brunch with that savoury sandwich!

That’s all for today’s Bites n Sips series. Thanks for reading! ❤