Me Time

I was so bored yesterday so I decided to go for a 30 minutes drive to this peaceful place call Kokol Farmstay.

At 6pm it started to feel chilly

Since husband was working and had to go for a farewell dinner with his guests, it’s officially a me-time for me.

Sunset 😍

I really love visiting Kokol. I think there’s more than two resort and this is the 3rd one I’ve visited so far. Other than Kokol Farmstay, there’s Kokol Kasih Sayang Resort and Kokol Haven Resort.

Orange Juice @ RM8

Just like the other places here in this hill area, it’s really a great place to just do nothing. I just sit there, drink my juice and letting all positive thoughts pouring on my mind. And of course took some pictures 😊

Definitely will revisit next time

Other than me, there’s only two group of visitors; some with their beers and juices i guess.

Forced myself to selfie…

Since #instagramhusband was not around πŸ˜‚ I decided to head home right after the sun fully set down. Shooootss! I forgot about the amazing city view with the lights on.

Took this while driving down the hill HAHA!

Should’ve stayed and record how the lights were turn on one by one. Aaah next time I’ll do that for sure!

I’m so glad I went there yesterday for some relaxing purposes. It’s only takes 20-30 minutes drive from our apartment so I’ll visit again some other time.

“little things do matter” ❀

…till my next post xx


Adventurous Sunday

Yesterday was awesome! Hiking has been like our weekend routine now; it’s addictive. About 3-4km up and down hikes almost every Sunday but yesterday, it was 15km up and down hikes.

Click here for more info about the trails.

Never underestimate this cheap rubber shoes! RM8 only!

Yesterday, Mimie and I joined a group to this 1 day jungle trekking trip at Gangar Kibambangan, Penampang. She invited me like 4 days before the actual day…4 days training is not enough haha. Well, spontaneity is the best kind of adventure, no? The trails are so damn crazy…at least for me! I can deal with the narrow steep hills but rocky and slippery trails were killing my toes. And I FORGOT to cut my nails short. Can you tell how painful it was going up and down the hills with long nails for 15km journey? Lesson learned! Thanks to the trails guide, he lend his big slipper for me and someone fortunately bring along a nail cutter! Save my toes from breaking. 😁

Too tired to focus on camera lol i love my socks πŸ˜‚

400 metres above sea level? Why do I feel that it’s not that high after a real struggle hikes??! Hahaha. Well, after this Buddu peak there’s another halfway up and down journey. I was so tired that I don’t even care to take lots of picture.

Hi new friends!

Oh, leeches are everywhere! At first I was so scared to remove it but thank goodness I didn’t scream like the others but still I need help from the guide to remove the leeches cuz it’s just so absurd. Anyway, towards the end of the hikes, they’re just too many and I couldn’t help myself to kill them πŸ˜‚ sorry not sorry πŸ˜…

Took this picture from another hill, needs to cross river to reach the rope

Of all the hard trails, this is the only picture I managed to snap cuz I really don’t have time to take out my phone from my pouch and take a good picture. I’m either focusing on my step or my breath.

Forced myself to at least take this picture while the guide patiently waiting at the back

We have to cross around 9-11 rivers and God how I wished I could close my eyes while swimming at those beautiful calming rivers. Too bad I was on my period! No wonder the leeches loves me so much?! πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

I miss the refreshing river!!

The water is so cold and refreshing. I at least soaked my swollen foot here.

Loving the fresh green view!

We had a really great moment yesterday and met more new friends. It’s really not just physically challenging but also challenges our mind to stay focus instead of giving up. I learned something from this trip…

  • A mixture of vinegar with salt and Dettol in a spray bottle, will make those leeches stay away from you. Just spray towards the leeches and see how it will fall off easily from your skin. I think only vinegar should be good.
Suspension bridge and we’re done! Yayy!

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventure!”

Escape Plan

My lil sister spend her school holidays here with us with lots of plan such as doing at least a video (she’s obsessed with video editing and I think she’s not bad at it) in the busy city. However, as we all know it’s almost Christmas so everybody are doing their Christmas shopping and it’s school holiday too. Hustle bustle city!

Took 40 minutes drive instead of the normal 10 minutes drive yesterday just to had our breakfast which is actually nearby our house here. So I insisted not to go out to the city but escaping somewhere peaceful instead.

Escape plan succeed!

Kasih Sayang Health ResortI thought it’s my 5th time there. It’s actually my 6th time! Wow I surely love that place 😁 Well, it’s quite cold there, fresh air, mesmerizing greenscapes and we can see the city from up there. What’s not to like bout that? πŸ˜„

Not forgetting OOTD session πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I really need a new sandal πŸ˜‘ and new culottes! Haha.

Hmmm why so expensive? LOL

My first time here was around 2010/2011 and I remember the cheapest drink on the menu (other than drinking/mineral water) during that time was RM9 something for a hot chocolate in a pot. Yesterday I saw on the menu, hot black coffee in a pot is RM12.99. Not too high but still expensive cuz it’s just a Kopi Tenom which cost RM7 for 12 sachets. πŸ˜‚ we still ordered it anyway. cheapskate me, maybe.

Sisters bonding time πŸ’•
Came here twice with husby πŸ’ somehow it’s a romantic place.

Absolutely love this place for relaxing purpose. Not sure about the food tho. Ate their fettuccine carbonara before, it was too salty for me and the fettucine was too al dente; chewy. I think their desserts not bad. Tried chocolate lava cake and crΓ¨me caramel, it was nice. Will come back here next time and be sure to just order drinks or desserts πŸ˜… cuz I just love to wander to this kind of place.

That’s all for now. Till my next post!

Love, Mich 🌸