Sunday #15

🎄 M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S! 🎄

Currently here in husby’s hometown. Network is not really stabil here so I’m going to write this short.

Christmas eve with the in-laws tonight. Hubby and I didn’t go to church with the family but we did had our simple dinner together.

Made a steamed chocolate cake on Saturday evening and it turned out really nice although my lil sister made a too thick ganache but it’s moist just like what I craves for. 😋 No oven no big deal! 😁

That’s all for now. 

Merry Christmas! Thank you God. Thank you Jesus! 🙏

Love, Mich 🌸


Sunday #14

My weekend was great! Managed to go to the church with my four best friends yesterday and had our early Christmas dinner last night. 

Bff OOTD 😅 after service.
Bestfriends since kindergarten ❤

After church service, we went to Tg. Aru beach for a quick photo shoot session…using Cindy’s phone 😂 It’s always great to spend time with them. We laugh, we eat each others’ food and all things like that.

1 of my favourite photos from yesterday.

That outfit was found from Shere’s closet. Thanks bestie I love it! That’s what bestfriends are for. To lend you clothes besides from eating your food 😅

Love this place!

Christmas dinner at this beautiful place called La Vintage Bar & Grill. I love this place. From the furniture, decorations and of course the food. I ordered Ceaser Salad and Honey Lemon Tea which costs me around RM23. Affordable! 😊

Yay! Thank you Jessica 😊


Today, we went to another wedding just like last Sunday. It’s my cousin’s wedding today. There were actually two cousins got married today but we didn’t go to the other one due to the bad weather here. It was heavily rainy for these couple days so it’s not really comfortable to wander here and there in that kind of situation.

Congrats Roy & Arlyn
With daddy 💕

Was really hoping that hubby could go home with me this weekend since we have a family day on my dad’s side tomorrow but he couldn’t. He already bought a matchy red tops. Oh well…life as a tour guide’s wife. I can’t keep counting how much relatives did ask where was he. 

Anyway, all was good. I had a great time and food of course.

Til my next post 😊

Love, Mich 🌸

Sunday #13

Went back to hometown today with my bestie, Ellen to attend our ex-housemate a.k.a forever friend’s wedding day. She’s kind of a ‘senior’ to us and we’re so happy that finally she found the one! ♥ Truly happy for you Dym 😊

Wedding day is a beautiful thing to me. Always. And it got turned me into this emotional lady whenever the bride walk down the aisle until the end of the ceremony. Today, Dym sang a sweet song while she walked down the aisle. aww 💕 –He has choosen me for you-

Wish you have a happy marriage life with your loving husband and enjoy this new journey! 😘 God bless your little heaven on earth ❤

Outfit of the day 🌹

Loving my new cut off shoulder top 😍 paired it with culottes and hey comfy! No matter what style I’m wearing, feeling comfortable is a must. 😊

That marriage rules there, yasss! 💏
Team bride ➡love is in the air!

Too bad we couldn’t stay long till she change to her evening gown cuz we have to get back here in KK. I’ll bet she’ll look great. 😀


Another wedding to attend on this coming Sunday. Two wedding at the same time, different place, but both are my cousins. Oh well. 😄

Home right now. Gotta sleep cuz I got this bad migraine while driving just now till this moment. Goodnight. Thanks for reading. 😊

Love, Mich 🌸