Storytelling : A Story From Them

If you ever read the 1st and 2nd stories, by now you will familiar with the white house, my late-grandma’s house. This time I’ll share another spooky moments experienced by my friends.

Event 1

After the white house has been renovated, my uncle hires a helper to look after the house whenever she’s free. Note that we only use the house for when there’s an event like birthday party, wedding, or family meeting. One day, I remember there’s an event but couldn’t remember what kind of event was that. So the helper was asked to help with the preparation in cleaning and cooking for the event, also had to sleep for the night. Luckily she brought her friend to accompany her that night. While sleeping, suddenly she awakened with the creaking sound of a door being open. It’s their bedroom door! Then she saw there’s this ugly figure standing by the door glaring at her right to her eyes, suddenly moving in towards their bed. She said, it was so ugly that she really wanted to pound at it but could only scream as she can’t move her body “get out! get out now! you’re so ugly!” she was really glad that she could scream while her body can’t move. Of course she was really scared that time but imagining what could’ve gone worst if she didn’t try anything – scream, she forced herself.

With that loud shout, her friend wokes up and asked what happened. The helper only let her friend know what’s the matter in the next morning. The helper told this story to my mom, then passed to me. The helper said she also did heard the same thing i heard from the kitchen; cracking eggs, washing dishes, cooking sound, water from the tap etc..

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Event 2

At the same house too, there’s a wedding in the family. It’s my cousin’s wedding day. It’s normal here to invite the whole village whenever there’s a wedding, so there’ll be crowded with adults as well as kids. So kids being kids, they just love to play around be it inside or outside a house; running, laughing and shouting. There’s this one boy, my dear friend’s little brother called Tom suddenly shouting, run down the stairs heading to the living room and started to cry. He cries for a few minutes and keep saying “he’s upstairshe’s upstairs” in between his cries. The other kids said they can feel his body was shaking and he got a pale look. After he finally stopped crying, he told the other kids (my aunt and cousin’s kids) that while they were playing hide n seek, he saw a ‘kid’ was standing in a corner upstairs, with a serious face and pale as a corpse and the ‘kid’ actually talked to Tom! “play. let’s play” And that’s when Tom started to scream and run leaving the upstairs area.

The other kids told me this story, so I told them back that it’s a lesson to learn : you can play but not too much and no screaming or else there’s another kid will accompany you guys and shut your mouth with his stinky hand in a scary looking face?! Then they went outside sitting with their own parents. lol.

I do believe in Tom’s story. Kids don’t lie. Especially when they’re scared and crying.

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Event 3

This last story is by my dearly sister. I don’t remember what year was it but it was around that time when my sister just got the job as a teacher and posted in Kudat, a 1 and a half drive from our town. At that time, the school where she works doesn’t have quarters flat for teachers yet so they have to rent house nearby. So we accompanied her to her rent house to help with all of her stuff. I remember I saw there’s garlic and lime everywhere. Maybe it’s the previous tenant or the owner who puts it there; somewhere on top of the ceiling fan switch, on the floor at every corner of each room and on some windows. Heard that garlic and lime are used to “frighten” the ghost. Not sure if it’s true though.

Fast forward to couple of weeks later, one morning when she wakes up around 5am, she feels terrible. She could barely move her body. She was on her right side facing the wall, and when she tried to turn on the other side she almost fainted! There’s an old lady, white hair in a messy bun, cross-legged sitting right beside her bed, smiling at her. The old lady was just an inch away from her face. She closed her eyes while her heart racing so fast. Fortunately nothing really happened and she was calm after that. When she opened her eyes, the old lady was gone.

Not sure who’s actually the old lady but one thing for sure, my sister was home alone during that event. Was the old lady even a human? We don’t know. I’m not sure if my sister had asked about it from the landlord but few days after that incident my sister decided to move out.

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I find myself always interested with these kind of true stories. I know maybe it’s not that scary for you but since it’s a true story and they’re my friends/relatives I still got goosebumps.

Do you have any experience something like this? I’d love to hear 😊


Storytelling : Childhood Memories

Another stories for this series. You can read my other similar stories here.

Back when I was a kid, I was not really like the other kids when it comes about being afraid with ghosts or anything like it. I don’t know. Maybe I was too young to understand what ghost is, or maybe I was too young of being an ignorant lol. I’m sure I was just too young to understand. I recall my two experiences as a kid when I thought it’s just something normal and I was not scared at all.

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A Night With My Grandma

When my grandma was still alive, she live alone in her big white house (we called it the white house until now) and it was just about 5-8 minutes walk from our house. One evening, she called to asked me to accompany her that night. If I’m not mistaken, I was 10 or 11 years old that time. I always love to go and sleep with my grandma. She cooked us fried chicken wings for dinner that night. I remember it was too salty, she always did that, but I loved it actually! After dinner, we watched television together in the living room. She sat on the sofa near the stairs, while I sat opposite her where the windows were at my back. I remember we watched something funny and we laughed together. Suddenly she looked at me, turned off the tv, grab my hand and said let’s go to sleep. I was so frustrated that moment because the show that we’ve been watching was still going on and she just turned it off like that. I did asked her why while taking the stairs heading to her bedroom but she didn’t speak until we goes to sleep. Next morning, she told me everything. She said, she saw an old man was standing outside the window, right behind my back and keep smiling while watching me. That time I don’t really understand and I just said, “oh…”. But now, man I know it was scary. From that moment, everytime we visit the white house, I’ll hear something weird. For example, another one night when I and my cousin accompanied our grandma sleep, I heard someone was in the kitchen downstairs. I heard the cooking sounds, the water from the tap being use, the sound of cracking eggs, the sound of moving the dining chair, sound of clinking glasses and much more. While I know it’s just the three of us and we’re all upstairs. But I kept quiet about all these until now. 😊 There’s much more stories about the white house. Even my own uncle and aunty did experienced something there. But still, we love the white house. There’s a lot beautiful memories there with our beloved late-grandma.

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After-Party Mysterious Night

It was nighttime during October, we just celebrated our birthday party with my sister. Most of the guests were heading home so I stand near our main door waving my good friends and thanking them for coming over. Suddenly there’s this really unpleasant smells, like a dead animal or something. My sister, mom, dad and a few more guests were at the living room still eating their desserts. Then my sister suddenly said this “datang ja…masuk ja la..jan malu2” “just come..come over..don’t be shy” I saw my mom slap her thigh. Then the rotten smells suddenly gone but after that, I saw there’s a fire near one of our trees outside. A round or something like fireball, flew down towards this one tree outside. I yell and called out my dad, “dady…api! api!” “dady, fire! fire!” Then all of them ran to go and see what’s about it. I wanted to go near the fire, or so I thought, but one of the guests, stopped me, gave us the ‘be quiet’ sign, took a cleaver, go near the fire and make the sound “shoo shoo! I’ll catch you!” and thank God it’s gone. During that time I don’t really understand. But now I do. They said, it’s not just fire. It’s actually a ‘flying-head’, a type of vampire or here we call it Balan-Balan that hunts for blood or young kids. The tree that the ‘fire’ flew to was actually near my late brother unfinished tomb. Unfinished tomb, like no proper cement and cross as a memorial sign. Now it’s all good tho. Oh, I wanted to slap my sister too for playing around ‘inviting’ that thing. Lol.

Have you ever encountered anything like this before? Would you like to hear more from my relatives side of stories? 😊

Thanks for reading!

Storytelling : Spooky Moments

I’ve been on and off with social media nowadays and to tell the truth I kind of like it. I have real time for myself and saved money from buying top ups for internet data.

Anyway, I feel like blogging today. 😊 As you can read at the title above, yes I want to share my spooky moments with you guys. I don’t know if it’s scary enough for you, but it’s totally freaked me out during those days. It’s gonna be a long post.

Few years ago, when I was 15, I remember it’s the year for big exam for Form 3 (PMR). So it’s kind of ‘trending’ around that time to wake up at 3am in the morning to study – said that it’s the best time for the brain to absorb all those knowledge. LOL. So I did. I sat on my study desk, read couples of book until suddenly I heard my name being called. I was so sure it was my grandma’s voice. And guess what…I yelled “yes, Ina (Ina = Mama)?” Damn! It’s 3am, she didn’t live with us, and she was really sick at that time. I went to bed and forced my eyes to close till I fall asleep. Told the whole situation to my mom, and she said “maybe your grandma is telling you she’s leaving soon” I nearly cry at that moment. Few months later, my grandma passed away. It’s really one of the sad moment in my life, but I’m glad she’s gone for good. No more pain. Ina…i miss you.

That’s my 1st kind-of-spooky-moments. Another one was when I moved out from the frat house to my own apartment…well my sister’s apartment actually but she didn’t live with me so it’s just me alone for the first few months. That time, there’s only a few residents here since it’s just newly open around that year. I remember I was doing my laundry, and I glanced a kid-size running towards the living room. That’s the 1st. I said, maybe it’s just my imagination because I’m all alone. 2nd time was when I was in the kitchen, I saw the same, it was like the ‘thing’ was peeking from the kitchen’s door and when I turned, the thing just run then gone. I couldn’t see its face though…if it’s ever got a face anyway…all I can remember was, it was dark and a size of a 7/8years old kid. Sometimes, I could hear things like coins dropping to the floor from upstairs, sometimes the sounds of dragging the chair, while I know there’s no one upstairs. I told my parents and my boyfriend (now my husband) about that, and they decided to call someone to give some blessing for the apartment. Mom called a Pastor, prayed for the house and we had some kind of a housewarming party. I’m so glad, after that day, no more kid ‘playing’ around inside the house. However, few months later, one of my bestie live with me at the apartment, and she said she saw the same…a couple of times 😂 Well, i guess the ‘kid’ just want to say welcome and that’s that…no hardcore mess up. 😅 nda asi ba klu sya ja yg nampak Sher haha

Another story… It was nighttime when I go out with my girlfriends in my hometown. At that time, only me who got a car and I have to pick up each of them, and send them back safely. I’m not really sure where were we that night, but I remember it was 11pm when we go back. After the last person sent home safely, I’m all alone. The road to my home is unpaved road / gravel (still now), so I can’t drive more than 60km/h. That night, somehow I had a bad feeling but trying not to think negative. As soon as I reached to this side of a small junction, I don’t know what makes me to turned my head to the right, I saw a middle aged lady, with a (I am so sorry to say this) horrifying scary look! With lots of cuts on her face. I was terrified and drive as fast as I can, ignoring the gravel stones hitting the surface of my car. Why I said I’m sorry, because I know the lady. She passed away few years ago, found out murdered by some stupid idiot terrible junkie. She was my friend’s mom, our neighbour. As soon as I arrived home, I cleaned my self, say a little prayer and went straight to bed. Never again will I drive alone at night since then.

Told my family about all these spooky experience I had. My sister said, I have a gift. LOL. Naaaah I’ll pass this kind of gift. Give me chocolate instead. 😆 Maybe it’s just God’s way telling me to not to be alone so often. What say you?

I’ll end it here for now. I’ll tell another story next time. 😉