Sunday #5

Today I’m going to post about my recent online shopping (which I should really stop! 😂) from 
It’s my sister who introduce me about this site. It’s an online auction website, where everything starts from RM1. Can you believe my sister bought 3 baking mixer for only RM300 something in total from the site? So I was like…I’m gonna give it a try and see if I’m that good in bidding 😂

Because it is my first time, I was kind of just playing around with the bid but then I got it! My target was getting below RM10 for an item; as you can see my items from the picture above. Well of course it’s not a branded item but still…you know the joy of online shopping 😄

The delivery fee tho… *sigh* 😢

The delivery man didn’t send this box straight to our front door but left it at the security guard’s lodge. I was going to say about the expensive delivery fee when he called me but…oh well whatever.

So these are the items: 2 sunglasses, 1 watch and 1 cap. RM41.98 for 4 items? Not bad. Boleh la bikin pakai tahan sampai rosak kan haha.

Another early birthday present for me 😉

Next I’m going to bid for the oven. Who knows I can get it for under RM200 Haha. Can’t stop!

That’s all for Sunday #5. Till my next post ✌

Love, Mich 🌸


In His time.

I’ve been thinking too much since 3 days ago. what if… what if… 

Hubby said don’t think too much. Pray instead.

Today I prayed that no matter what happens, I’ll accept it. Knowing that God answers either a yes, a no or a maybe. I believe He will give something beautiful in His time.

This is just a quick update of something personal but also something that I need to write it out of my mind. 😊 A kind of emo-day today.

October Goals

It’s my first time ever stating what my goals are cuz I never really had a goal in life. HAHA! Kidding. I just like to follow how it will go with my life. Just follow the flows. 🍃

However I realized after reading some of bloggers post about their goals, it got me like “oh yeah i gotta do that too”. It kind of motivates me to do something useful, something positive. There….little things did matter. 😉

Here goes mine:


  • I got sick almost every month and I hate it. I need to be stronger and healthy all the time.
  • Last month, I didn’t work out at all. Not even a slow walk. I’ve been a couch potato almost everyday. Not this month! *fingers crossed*
  • Drink lots of water and eat lots of veggies & fruits.


  • Get a job! 


  • Stop online shopping! I bought a lots of stuff last month. Happy but then I’m starting to get bored of using the stuff that I bought. 😫 
  • Shop for good foods such as chia seeds, healthy food or more fruits. Instead of online shopping. 
  • What about the wishlist? Naah I’ll save it for next month’s wishlist 😂


  • Although we’ve been married for a year now,  and the fact that we’ve been together for 5 good years, there’s still a lot more to learn and adapt in this marriage matters. Frankly, I’m still lack in that ‘perfect’ communication skills. I tend to either raise my voice or just zip my mouth instead of have a good talk whenever we had an argument. Haha. Got to stop that bad habit now!


  • We live in a veryyy small space called “condo apartment”, where the living room is almost the size of my bedroom in hometown. Too small to be messy but truthfully it is messy! Last month was a total lazy ass of me! All I did for one day was the laundry and cooking, ev-vuh-ry-dayyy. 
  • I need to clean the house! Dusty! Unorganized! I saw baby cockroach last night near the tv 😱😱😱😱


  • Ever since being a housewife, I let the idea of it’s okay not to wear toner and moisturizer after shower now cuz I’m staying at home anyway. Hey! Now i got this more dull and sagging pores! 😡
  • Stock up my new toner and moisturizer yesterday. Don’t ever let the idea get into my brain again this month. Pamper your face baby….
  • I have bad eczema. Reaaaally need to solve that problem. Virgin coconut oil seems helping quite a lot for the rest few months ago. Stick to VCO!

That’s it! pheww that’s quite a lot of goals to achieve. Wish me all the best! 💪

What’s your goals for this month? I’d love to read yours too. 😊

Thanks for reading.

Love, Mich 🌸