Random Picks

Thank God it’s Friday! Just a quick update today.

Recently I changed the theme and the name of my blog. Did you notice it? 😊



I decided to have a minimal theme and changed to my own name for the blog’s name. I still stick to my favourite blog’s tagline tho; love, wander & food. I think that’s best describes for all of my post here in this lifestyle and personal blog of mine. What I love or my love life, where I wander and the food that I love.




At first I thought I picked the wrong theme or there’s some error for this theme cuz I couldn’t find any space to add the follow button and Instagram widget until I read the theme’s description. Read baby, read! HAHA. 😂

If you happen to read my blog using the web, I mean via your pc/laptop, and wish to follow, you can find a hidden footer that will revealed by the “+” icon at the bottom of each pages on this blog.




I’m on Instagram too! Feel free to follow me ✌

I guess that’s it for today. Have a nice day ahead!

Love, Mich 🌸



31 Days Plain Water

Random Picks

6 Nov – 6 Dec

A quick update before i post up my #sundaypost 😊

I saw several people shared about this challenge on facebook and thought that it’s interesting. 

So far, I did remember to drink lots of plain water everyday but sadly to say I accidentally had sweet and cold drinks last night and two days ago. Feeling guilty af now. lol 😂

Anyway, I won’t stop now. I’ll continue challenging myself and thank myself later 😄

No sweet and cold drinks for 1 month!