The Last Year of My Twenties

23 Oct – Officially 29th! Am I excited that it’s the last year of my 20s? Of course not, I’m turning 30 years OLD next year!! LOL. But sincerely I am thankful and blessed for sure ❀

Just like last year, a fancy birthday celebration is just not on the list. Too old for that. We did ate cakes though. Because…what’s birthday without at least a piece of cake right?! Okay I mean slices of cakes. I ate quite a lot of cakes this month (some are not in the picture below); where I thought I shouldn’t ate too much because I got chubbier than before. Okay I’ll do something about that next month 😝

I bought face serum and new sunscreen (not in the picture) for me and just assumed that as my own birthday present πŸ˜†

I got a new top from my husband. ❀

I got cactus and succulents from one of my bestie 😍

Thanks a lot for the birthday present and wishes!

Also, I received this from AHC. Gonna start trying this next month.

Another bestie of mine said her gift for me is on the way lol how sweet!

I really appreciate all those birthday wishes and so glad that no one forced me to blow candles this year πŸ˜… That’s all for today and until my next post!


Today’s Journal #8

Husband was on day off a couple of days this week so we got to watch a lot of movies together. Quite a lot that I can’t even remember the list already. But for sure I remember the Kdrama that’s still ongoing and about to end in a week. It’s a 120 episodes! I can’t believe we actually watched that much lol. Also, I had a marathon of crime & mystery series which includes Garage Sale Mystery, Aurora Teagarden Mystery and Law & Order. Favourite!

Last Monday, after a little shopping for groceries I was about to go home and actually bought few ingredients for lunch that day but I guess I enjoyed too much on shopping that I past 1.30pm. I was so hungry so I said screw it I’ll just have my lunch outside. Went to Relax Cafe and had 1 from their lunch set.

I got Samurai Chicken Donburi that cost me RM9.90. I don’t really know what was it but as long as I know there’s rice and chicken, I ordered it. When the waiter came served me that bowl, I was a little shock that the side veggies, kind of moving! I was like “it’s alive?!!” lol. the waiter just smile. Actually the side veggies were just so thin and light.

I don’t know what’s the name for each of the side dish, except for the beetroot pickles underneath the rice, but I just don’t like it. Smells like seaweed but naah I just ate the rice, chicken and eggs. Should’ve ordered the Mongolian Lamb donburi at first. At least the chicken was good. Oh the soup on that small cup tasted something like Miso soup but not too strong as a Miso. I don’t remember I ever liked Miso soup.

Two weeks ago I received a Korean skincare product; Some By Mi, and got assigned to join their 30 days review campaign. The main ingredients are acids! You heard it right.

Inside the miracle box: AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner and AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream from Some By Mi with another two free sample of cream. I was assigned to update my progress at least once a week on Instagram but I only did that yesterday. Been using for two weeks as my evening/night routine and I think there’s slight improvement on my skin. My skin concerns are dull skin because of the dark spots, open pores with blackhead on my nose and uneven skin tone. Now I can see my dark spots (what I thought an addition to my freckles collection lol) are no longer visible and got a little glow. I got some tiny bumps on my forehead too which is so annoying!! I noticed that, this product helps in treating those tiny bumps (no more bumps in 2-3 days) but then another new bumps will pop up in a different area?! Whyyy? Ugghh I’m so confused. Well I guess I’ll just see how it will goes till the end of this month. Another 1 week to go. Maybe I’ll write a full review with the latest pictures too.

So far I kind of like this product but confused at the same time. Maybe that’s how my skin reacts to an acid ingredients? Idk.

I have to go now! Thanks for reading! 😊

Today’s Journal #7

Hello! Not that I was too busy with something but more to not in the mood of blogging these past few days. Or maybe it’s the slow internet connection soooo annoying! Fortunately it’s better now.

A Visit To The Plants Nursery

Since October is my favorite month, my birthday month to be exact, I have decided to have as much fun as I could in my own way. One of them was this; a visit to the nursery. Well, actually it’s my sister who asked me to buy pots and peppermint plant for her so I thought why not I have a walk there and feast my eyes with some pretty plants. Went to two plants nursery, The Stone Shop and Easy Harvest.

This pot is beauty!
Monstera! 😍

I loveee Monstera plants but it’s too pricey. The staff there said the price for it starts from RM100 depends on its size. Whattttt….Okay I’ll buy the fake one instead…lol.

Spent hours at both nursery. I’m glad i did managed to refrain myself from buying with a strong excuse; we live in a small apartment without balcony.

Well I did bought 1 for me actually πŸ˜† the left one is the peppermint for my sister and the other one is for me. My husband just rolled his eyes when he saw this at home lol.

Fantasy Lighting Festival

Went to this festival that is currently one of the attractions in the city. Wasn’t really excited actually because of the crowd but my friend insisted and I’m not in the mood of arguing that night.

Can you see the crowd?

Tunnels of light

At least I pretended to ignore the crowd πŸ˜‚

There’s longggg queue just to take picture with that “moon”. Hmm have fun y’all!

Beerrry christmas!

There’s food stall and game stations but we prefer to get out from that place as soon as possible. there’s.just.too.many.people. But ya…the lighting were pretty. That’s all.

Last Sunday

After the Wild Run, later that evening me and my sister went for a little shopping for her college stuff. But before that I went to this Korean restaurant and had Soondubu Jjigae, a soft tofu stew. I really love korean soft tofu stew with chicken but at this restaurant it tastes not so good. The one from Dubuyo still the best!…but pricey lol.

But I finished it though 😝 maybe because I’m so hungry and it’s not that bad, just not as good as Dubuyo.

Okay I think I should stop for now. Gotta draft another post for the Bites n Sips series later. Hope you guys have a great moment!

Love, Mich 🌸