2018 – Thank you, next!

Today is the last day of the year 2018! I thought it would be great to share something about things that I’ve learned and loved throughout this year.

What I’ve Learned

January 2018

Truth is, it’s not a wonderful year to me. A lot has happened which was kind of depressing. – I’m jobless, There were some scaled-down in our marriage and I had a miscarriage. –

Those three agendas still keep playing in my mind and makes me feel so small that I sometimes plants the words useless and terrible inside my brain. However it’s tiring af! Really…it’s so exhausting to feel that way. To feel useless, to hold on hatred and to put blame on myself. Those quotes “life is too short blah blah blah” is no kidding. I learned that, whatever negativity I should enjoy my days because at the same time it will heal me; glad I did! I forgive others, I forgive myself. I let go, I move on. And I’ve learned to love again.

What I’ve Loved

Despite all those sad moments, that doesn’t stop me to do whatever I love and have some happy moments too! I did some little but great things with my husband, had an awesome ocean trip and riverside camping with my girls, had a fun-adventurous jungle trekking, joined a short run event with lotsaaa adorable dogs, went to a Zumba party, and went for getaways with my families. Loving all those great memories and excitement.

Another one thing, what I’ve loved the most from this year was when I opened up myself to some invitation as a blogger to helps in promoting their business on social media. Not just it helps me to be a better blogger, but also I love how I now have more friends!

One word to me for this year – Strong!

Stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of the mistakes, and happier because of the sad experiences!

Before ending this post, I sincerely want to say thank you and sorry for everything you’ve done and for everything I’ve done wrong to you. Yes you, all of you! 😊

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and have a wonderful time! 🎉

Thank you 2018, next! ✨


Christmas 2018

I think it’s not too late to wish you all, Merry Christmas! Hope you have wonderful time with your loved ones!

How did our family celebrate Christmas here? We had meals with family and friends, and that’s it! Just a simple but meaningful gathering because the real meaning of Christmas is to remember and thankful for the Saviour; the greatest gift of all.

23 December

On the 23rd of December, it’s our house turn to be entertained by the Christmas carols so mom decided to have an open-house dinner. So blessed for the beautiful carols! Since my dad is one of the carols, he sing with them instead of listening as a host lol. We all sang together though. Mom and her sister prepared 6 different dishes, all were sooo good! It was a fun night.

On the 24th, Christmas eve, we did nothing….well more like cleaning all the messiness from the night before.

Christmas Day

Ready for Christmas lunch but…..

Husband and I planned to have Christmas lunch at one of our favorite restaurant BUT suddenly he had to work! How sad! I cancelled the reservation and stayed at home…thanks to Christmas movies! One that got me cracked up so much was this:

A Bad Moms Christmas

So we just had dinner after he’s done with his work at a nearby restaurant.

uggh what’s wrong with my eyes…

I got grilled chicken and chicken chop for husband. My chicken was yum! So juicy and tender. Husband didn’t finished his chicken chop because there’s just too much of chicken lol!

Love this top so much! So comfy!

After we’re done with our dinner, we went home and had a drink while watching Christmas movies.

26th December

Just like any normal days, I went out for groceries shopping and a little bit fun shopping for new year’s new clothes 😝

After that, I met an aunty and she gave me this Christmas Yule log cake. So pretty! However it’s not yummy lol sorry but thank you. Husband said it tasted like a wedding cake back in the 90’s – 😂 what ever!

That’s it. Nothing fancy, just some precious and happy moments with the people I love. Until my next post! ❤

Short updates!

Hello guys! Anyone miss me? 😊 Sorry for the MIA. I was quite busy recovering from my allergic reaction, from tooth extraction, flu and fever. Goshhh that’s a lot I know! I’m getting much better now though. And yayyy it’s December, another favorite month of the year 🎄!

28th November – Tooth Extraction

My last visit to the dentist was 7 years ago!! Can you believe that? I promised myself I’ll visit at least twice a year from now on.

So, I got an uncomfortable toothache for a few days and the dentist said it’s best to pull it out. Went to the public dental clinic which cost me only RM2 instead of RM80-100 if I go to the private dental clinic. Of course there’s a longggg que for just 1 tooth, and the anesthetic injections were so scary-long and painful af! Some says nowadays, local anesthetic injections are less painful but only at private clinic and it comes with sweet flavor too. Buttt it’s just too damn expensive for me for such a tiny rotten tooth. So it’s okay, I endured the pain for two days and I’m all fine now.

1st December – Zumba Party!

So glad that the tooth-drama was ended before this party hehe!

I had a fUntastic party with all the Zumba lovers for good 90 minutes! I’m not a great dancer but when it comes about Zumba, no one cares if you’re good in dancing or not as long as you move, get sweat and have fun.

With my Zumba bestie who is also my neighbor 😁

As much as I don’t wanna stop dancing, I can’t stop from recording the great moment on my phone too, of course. There’s more than 10 Zumba Instructors (ZIN) that night and two of them are from the Philippines. So thankful for this opportunity. Last year I missed the party.

Didn’t got the chance to take pictures with the ZIN, I guess this will do 😅

That’s all for today. Got to go somewhere later. Hopefully I can post another one tomorrow. 😊 Have a nice day!

  • When was the last time you visited the dentist?
  • Anyone loves Zumba here? 😉

Love, Mich 🌸