My Top 5 Favourite Quotes

I’m sure all of us have tons of favorite quotes to motivate ourselves or something that describes our feelings in this life. I have a lots of favorite quotes / verse, but let me share these for now.

Of course my top favorite will be this bible verse from the book of Psalm. God is powerful and God is within me. The reason why I picked the word “Be Still” as my tattoo.

Also a verse from the Bible. No need to explain more. I just love those words. It reminds me not just to pray when I’m in a joy moments but also when I’m having a hard time.

Because little things matter and spreading positives vibes won’t hurt! Yay?!

It’s a lie if I said I’d never wished my life could be so much better than now but that was before maturity kicks me. I realized how blessed I am to have this simple life I have right now…how blessed I am to have my parents, family and friends!

Marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows. I almost gave up, but the home that we built together got so much amount of love and not comparable with the total of hatred. This strong quote right here supported me in those dark times. I believe I have a strong beautiful heart, so I believe in love again.

That’s my top 5 favorite quotes that I always keep close to my heart. What’s yours?

Thanks for reading!

Love, Mich 🌺


Appreciation Post

It’s been 10 days since the saddest day of our life. The day that I would never have imagined happened in my life. Despite all that, I thanked God still for everything. I believe everything happens for a reason and I believe God has a plan for us. ❤

Dear Husband,

…this is for you. Thank you for the support for not crying in front of me while we’re in the hospital because that would make my cries even worse while I’m trying not to but you cried outside with mama instead. Thank you for being so patient in the waiting room for the whole 3 hours while the doctors were with me inside the emergency room. I know you hate waiting but not that day. Thank you for the hardwork with house chores while I’m on my 1 week strict confinement session. Do the laundry, prepared my hot shower, prepared my herbs shower and herbs drinks, massage me, wash the dishes, cook for breakfast lunch and dinner. Hey, your cooking improved I am one proud wife hehe. Chicken Porridge and Drunken Chicken Soup oh yumm! There’s much more but this will do for the blog. I truly appreciate for everything you’ve done.


Now let’s live our life to the fullest and trust God; He will provide. 😊


your honey bunny 🐰

’til my next post!

Sunday #13

Went back to hometown today with my bestie, Ellen to attend our ex-housemate a.k.a forever friend’s wedding day. She’s kind of a ‘senior’ to us and we’re so happy that finally she found the one! ♥ Truly happy for you Dym 😊

Wedding day is a beautiful thing to me. Always. And it got turned me into this emotional lady whenever the bride walk down the aisle until the end of the ceremony. Today, Dym sang a sweet song while she walked down the aisle. aww 💕 –He has choosen me for you-

Wish you have a happy marriage life with your loving husband and enjoy this new journey! 😘 God bless your little heaven on earth ❤

Outfit of the day 🌹

Loving my new cut off shoulder top 😍 paired it with culottes and hey comfy! No matter what style I’m wearing, feeling comfortable is a must. 😊

That marriage rules there, yasss! 💏
Team bride ➡love is in the air!

Too bad we couldn’t stay long till she change to her evening gown cuz we have to get back here in KK. I’ll bet she’ll look great. 😀


Another wedding to attend on this coming Sunday. Two wedding at the same time, different place, but both are my cousins. Oh well. 😄

Home right now. Gotta sleep cuz I got this bad migraine while driving just now till this moment. Goodnight. Thanks for reading. 😊

Love, Mich 🌸