Giveaway Prizes and Bloody Back Pain

Hello there! Happy Sunday!

I just woke up two hours ago…yup I woke up at 10:30am instead of like the usual 7am even on Sunday so I’m a bit confused lol. No. Actually I have this back pain since yesterday and it was really bad! Hence the long deep sleep. Ugghh I hate it that I have to cancel my Zumba class and hike trip AGAIN where my ankle is good but not my back. I’m not sure if it’s muscle sore? Or ‘wind’? But it’s so bloody painful as hell. Anyway, as I’m writing this I think the pain has subsided a little. Thank goodness I wanna it go fast asap!

Okay enough with my backpain. Let’s see what’s my story highlighted in the last few days.

I got that as a prize from Althea’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Well it took long for my Christmas gift so let just say it’s a New Year gift lol. It’s a Korean product and it’s all written in Korean except for the ingredients. At first I was skeptical to use this since its written ‘foam’ might not be good for my skin but the brush is so soft and fine I just got to give it a try! 😁 At least only on my nose area since it said something about ‘black’ and ‘pore’ I assumed it’s for blackhead 😅 Okay, I really love the brush because it’s so soft but the cleanser, it’s too harsh for me. My side of nose feel burning. I don’t think I’m gonna use this too often. Maybe only when I see some annoying dirts on my nose.

Another gift! Yay thanks! But my husband has just got to say this “it’s that for a baby? they’re too small” HAHA! I admit those cute tops are too small for me! They’re in XS size! I tried them on and I looked funny…okay just funny tummy lol. I should get back my XS size to fit on these cute tops from H&M 😝

Been craving of frap for so long and finally I got it but oh well then it reminds me why I don’t buy Starbucks anymore. I got stomach-ache after that. I don’t know why everytime I had this Java chip frappucino, i got stomach upset.

Okay I have to stop now and have my lunch!

Please let me know how to get rid of this twinging back pain 😕


A Little Throwback and Sad Ankle

Hello! Happy Saturday!

I suppose to go to church today but I got sprained ankle since last Thursday where I fell like a silly little kid. Imagine if I was holding an ice cream lol. I don’t know why…how…did I fell down?! I thought it was the last step of the stairs? Nope. I skipped two steps out of nowhere.

Fortunately by the time I write this blog, the swelling subsided. Thanks RICE! –rest, ice, compress, elevation- and 1 time painkiller.

Okay enough with my sad ankle, let’s have a little throwback to the first week of the month.

We celebrated the new year at my husband’s hometown together with his family. Just a simple celebration with food and drinks (bonus: homemade rice wine is a must lol), karaoke and fireworks! The next day is for a hangover day lol so we didn’t go out. And another next day, father in law decided to bring us all for a hike. Well, more like a “job-day” for the man because they had some cleaning around their rubber plantations up there.

I just love this greeny view – paddy fields and rubber plantations. Have any of you smell the fresh paddy before it turns into real rice? Hmmm i love it!

We weren’t ready for a hike, hence the white old shirts that we found from husband’s old closet 😅 anyway, we had great time!

Another highlight from the week, father in law cook this dish:

It’s like the bitter bean but it’s not bitter or stinky at all. We called it “kumpang” here. 😅 I don’t know what’s its real name. It’s my first time trying this dish and I kind of like it. (bean, anchovies, ginger, chillies and tomatoes)

Back in the city, I don’t know what’s got into me that I’ve been craving a lot for sweet drinks. These are the drinks that I got:

  • ChaTraMue – Salted Caramel Thai Iced Tea
  • Yoyo – Oolong Tea
  • U-Tea – Uji Matcha Cheese Tea
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Chai Latte
  • Macao Imperial – Cherry Blossoms Tea

I personally love the Salted Caramel tea although there’s not much taste of either salty or caramel. And of course I loveee the cheese tea yum-yum! I don’t really like the chai maybe because it’s too flavorful? But I managed to finished the whole cup though 😁

I’ve been doing well with cutting my carbs intake but not with sugar LOL! And I got zero workout since last December oh gosh! I really need to start somewhere soon after my ankle is good to go.

Well, okay except on the day when I sprained my ankle. I ate huge carbs of loaded potato bowl from KFC. 😂

I finally got the time or more like got the mood to watch Bird Box. I like it! Although I’ve read some reviews saying that it’s a bad movie, I personally love the fears and survival emotion from the movie. And of course afterall, it’s just a movie. Oh, I always love Sandra Bullock!

I think that’s enough for now. My next post will be about my current and favorite beauty products. Until then! ❤

Have a great weekend!

Christmas 2018

I think it’s not too late to wish you all, Merry Christmas! Hope you have wonderful time with your loved ones!

How did our family celebrate Christmas here? We had meals with family and friends, and that’s it! Just a simple but meaningful gathering because the real meaning of Christmas is to remember and thankful for the Saviour; the greatest gift of all.

23 December

On the 23rd of December, it’s our house turn to be entertained by the Christmas carols so mom decided to have an open-house dinner. So blessed for the beautiful carols! Since my dad is one of the carols, he sing with them instead of listening as a host lol. We all sang together though. Mom and her sister prepared 6 different dishes, all were sooo good! It was a fun night.

On the 24th, Christmas eve, we did nothing….well more like cleaning all the messiness from the night before.

Christmas Day

Ready for Christmas lunch but…..

Husband and I planned to have Christmas lunch at one of our favorite restaurant BUT suddenly he had to work! How sad! I cancelled the reservation and stayed at home…thanks to Christmas movies! One that got me cracked up so much was this:

A Bad Moms Christmas

So we just had dinner after he’s done with his work at a nearby restaurant.

uggh what’s wrong with my eyes…

I got grilled chicken and chicken chop for husband. My chicken was yum! So juicy and tender. Husband didn’t finished his chicken chop because there’s just too much of chicken lol!

Love this top so much! So comfy!

After we’re done with our dinner, we went home and had a drink while watching Christmas movies.

26th December

Just like any normal days, I went out for groceries shopping and a little bit fun shopping for new year’s new clothes 😝

After that, I met an aunty and she gave me this Christmas Yule log cake. So pretty! However it’s not yummy lol sorry but thank you. Husband said it tasted like a wedding cake back in the 90’s – 😂 what ever!

That’s it. Nothing fancy, just some precious and happy moments with the people I love. Until my next post! ❤