Today’s Journal #7

Hello! Not that I was too busy with something but more to not in the mood of blogging these past few days. Or maybe it’s the slow internet connection soooo annoying! Fortunately it’s better now.

A Visit To The Plants Nursery

Since October is my favorite month, my birthday month to be exact, I have decided to have as much fun as I could in my own way. One of them was this; a visit to the nursery. Well, actually it’s my sister who asked me to buy pots and peppermint plant for her so I thought why not I have a walk there and feast my eyes with some pretty plants. Went to two plants nursery, The Stone Shop and Easy Harvest.

This pot is beauty!
Monstera! 😍

I loveee Monstera plants but it’s too pricey. The staff there said the price for it starts from RM100 depends on its size. Whattttt….Okay I’ll buy the fake one instead…lol.

Spent hours at both nursery. I’m glad i did managed to refrain myself from buying with a strong excuse; we live in a small apartment without balcony.

Well I did bought 1 for me actually 😆 the left one is the peppermint for my sister and the other one is for me. My husband just rolled his eyes when he saw this at home lol.

Fantasy Lighting Festival

Went to this festival that is currently one of the attractions in the city. Wasn’t really excited actually because of the crowd but my friend insisted and I’m not in the mood of arguing that night.

Can you see the crowd?

Tunnels of light

At least I pretended to ignore the crowd 😂

There’s longggg queue just to take picture with that “moon”. Hmm have fun y’all!

Beerrry christmas!

There’s food stall and game stations but we prefer to get out from that place as soon as possible. there’s.just.too.many.people. But ya…the lighting were pretty. That’s all.

Last Sunday

After the Wild Run, later that evening me and my sister went for a little shopping for her college stuff. But before that I went to this Korean restaurant and had Soondubu Jjigae, a soft tofu stew. I really love korean soft tofu stew with chicken but at this restaurant it tastes not so good. The one from Dubuyo still the best!…but pricey lol.

But I finished it though 😝 maybe because I’m so hungry and it’s not that bad, just not as good as Dubuyo.

Okay I think I should stop for now. Gotta draft another post for the Bites n Sips series later. Hope you guys have a great moment!

Love, Mich 🌸


Today’s Journal #2

Aug 23

Went back to Kota Marudu with husband to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday. Can’t believe he’s 1 now.

The chocolate cake was so good I almost forgot it’s all sugar. lol.

Mom gave me these houseplants ever since I share to her the benefits of having indoor plants. Snake Plants & Caladium. Husband said wanted to make a step stool and buy new planters. Oh thanks you guys!

Aug 24

Finally got our new car road tax and insurance yearly instalment after being delayed for a week. Damn we’re so nervous while on the road keep questioning what if there’s road block. lol. Went back to Kota Kinabalu after lunchtime.

Aug 25

Not feeling so well in the morning so I decided to stay at home instead of going to church.

We got almost nothing on the fridge because we’re so lazy to go out. Made this crepe and spread with super crunchy peanut butter…oh my…that was so yummy.

Also, craving for onion rings. Doesn’t look pretty but I’m satisfied with its crunchiness. Husband hates any kind of onions and garlic, so it’s all mine hehehe.

Aug 26

Done house chores then went to Bukit Padang for our food tasting review session with the bloggers.

After that, I went to the newly open tea bar, Gen.Z situated in Lintas Plaza together with Fay and Massy. It’s their grand opening that day so of course there’s a long queue. There’s a 20% off that day so we’re happy to wait.

I ordered this Matcha Milky Tea topped with cream cheese. Not bad. Not too sweet.

And this Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with brown sugar and boba. Aaah I really love this one! I wanna buy more! Worth the long queue!

Aug 27

Had Fried Rice (rice, fishcake, egg, chili, cherry tomatoes, and choy sum) for breakfast. After breakfast suddenly husband said let’s go back to Tenom (his hometown). I was not really in the mood for another hours of road trip but he insisted so I made a deal to visit Mahua Waterfall before heading straight to their home.

Yes!! I always wanted to go here but only today got the chance to see this amazing view. It was so peaceful and breezy. I checked the temperature, it was 22°c perfect! Intentionally didn’t want to take a dip though because the water was so cold.

Please excuse my naughty pose with the huge tree 😂 it’s just so nice being closed to nature!

I’m off for now. Gotta go and cook for dinner.

Thanks for reading.

Love, Mich ❤

Today’s Journal #1

It’s so hot today! It said 34°c outside but it feels like 40°c!

Husband had to work today so I’m not in the mood of staying alone at home and rather going out although it’s super hot.

Aaah thank god for this choco-vanilla ice cream from an ice cream truck in Menggatal Plaza. Should’ve bought the cup one tho instead of cone. Right after the lady gave me, it’s melted cuz it’s so hot! Can you imagine I have to lick it asap in the middle of crowds under the sun cuz it’s streaming down my fingers? HAHA damn sure I look ridiculous! It was yummy anyway.

Then I went to look for my nephew’s birthday gift. He’s turning 1 this Thursday. Why so fast?!

I’m not good in buying gifts but I hope these are all good for him.

After that I planned to go home cuz it’s almost lunch time but I wasn’t really hungry actually so I decided to go to this newly opened lovely store that sells indoor plants such as cactus, succulents, and plant’s accessories.

I saw their page on Instagram first and I said oh hell I must go there and glad I did. I fell in love with everything inside the store. I was going to buy one and texted my husband about it. Sadly he replied, “not now. later honey” Hah! I knew it. He’s not gonna let me buy again after my two succulents died few months ago. Lol. Maybe he knew I’m not a green thumb and also he knew I’ll get stressed over dead plants 😅 So yeah..maybe next time.

Oh they serves drinks and cakes too. So I ordered their Caramel Macchiato (RM10). I was going to ask for their cake-of-the-day after I took this photo, which is Avocado cake (RM9) actually but I guess I was too occupied with taking photos that I forgot about the cake. I hope they’ll have Avocado cake again the next time I visit. Never try avocado cake before. Drink was good.

When home afterwards and found out my car road tax is no longer valid! Fortunately there’s no road-block by Police or worst, JPJ.

Ate this chicken cheese burger for late-lunch without tomatoes sauce (cuz I dislike tomatoes/chili sauce). Bought it from the food stall near our apartment gate entrance. It doesn’t look appealing but It was really good!

I’m feeling exhausted from driving and perhaps from the heat too so I’m gonna stop here and rest a bit before I step into the kitchen for dinner’s prep.

Thanks for reading and hope you have a great moment! 😊

*I noticed there’s an issue with my published post lately. I can’t view it on my Reader like how I used to have it before. Any words about this? TIA*

Love, Mich 🌵