Today’s Journal #10

Husband is away for work since last Sunday and will be back on Friday which is tomorrow. Yay! No more lonely nights lol.

I stayed at my parents house for two nights because it’s my Dad’s birthday and went back to the city on Tuesday for an interview BUT I was late!! I can’t believe I drove since 5 in the morning, the interview was at 9 and I’m still late. Why? uggh it’s the traffic jam!! I know I should’ve just get back in the city on Monday but I have to babysit my cute little nephew Psalm; got no choice. Hmm it’s okay.

When husband is not around I got to cook whatever I want…or no cook at all 😁. Brunch looks like eggs-diet but seriously it’s not. It’s the only food I got before I go for groceries shopping. And for dinner, I had pan-grilled chicken breast with long beans with garlic (oh i love roasted garlic!) and tomatoes. I really love that grilled chicken!

On Wednesday, breakfast with overnight oatmeal with coconut juice or something like coconut milk that I bought from a newly open store called 7Circle. It’s my first time with coconut milk; here we only use raw coconut milk, unsweetened in a cooking such as chicken curry. And for dinner, I cooked Buttermilk Chicken! Not feeling guilty at all with the butter and the milk…nope. Not until I woke up bloated LOL!

Went to the post office to retrieve an item that my husband bought online only to know that I have no rights to claim it since it’s not under my name unless I have my husband approval or to be exact his signature. Oh well. What a waste of time. So they asked me to call a number in order for me to request a second delivery. I was so confused why should I call “their colleague” when I’m actually still right there? Can’t they just proceed my request with whatever system they got there? But of course I just rolled my eyes and left. As soon as I got home, I called the number for the second delivery and they said okay. So today I patiently waited at home until 5pm but they never came. Well…well…let me figure out what to do next.

I got so upset so I went out at 6pm for a little groceries shopping. Who goes for shopping at 6pm? Haha. After grocery, I checked the traffic maps and it was still packed with cars so I decided to takeaway pizza since I’m gonna be lazy to cook as soon as I reached home.

Pizza and Law & Order SVU, right on time! 😊 who watch it too? Hi-5!

It’s 11:15pm here now so I have to go and get my beauty sleep πŸ˜‰ speaking of beauty, next post will be about beauty – my not so beauty skin condition.

Bye for now!


Today’s Journal #9

Went back to hometown with my sister last weekend and all I did was eat and eat everything! Ugghh must start regular workout and watch out my food intake already! Got back to the city and I did the same too more eating, zero exercise LOL!

We just had our regular breakfast (what’s regular here: big portion of fried noodles or rice with side dishes such as eggs or dim sum) and suddenly husband’s boss call for a meeting at their office. So while waiting for him, there’s no other place to go except to this nearby cafe; The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. If there’s a library nearby I rather sit there than adding another calories but oh well… At first I was going to just have that one big glass of Hazelnut latte but my eyes just can’t resist the fruity scone! 😝

Next morning, husband got up early and went to work. So it’s a perfect morning for oatmeal since husband is not really a fan of oats. Got these honey mangoes from my dad’s backyard while we were at hometown and it’s the best type of mango I ever had! Yum!

Right now, we’re currently at husband’s hometown since last Tuesday. Husband’s on sick leave because he got shingles on his back. Poor him. But it’s getting better though thank God!!

On the bright side, while husband’s having his good rest yesterday, I drove to the town with sister in law to meet my bestfriend, Jessica. Whenever we’re in husband’s hometown, we never really go out from his parents’ house. But me being me, I just need to go out!

While waiting for Jessica, me and SIL went to this little cafe. It’s actually my second time there but only yesterday I noticed the cheap prices on the menu! Well of course it’s quite expensive for a small town like that and just for a cup of coffee, but compared to a cup from the main city, it’s cheaper.

TFC – Tenom Fatt Choi Cafe

I had hot chocolate, Ice blended green tea for my SIL and those little cuties Profitelores. All these three stuffs on our table only costs me RM17! Great! Ohhhh I must tell I really love that choux Γ  la crΓ¨me! So dreamy! ❀ I think it’s my first time with these french cream puffs? I wonder if there’s any cafe in the city that serves this profitelores. Pleaseee tell me if you know there is!!

After that, Jessica called me and said she’s at another cafe called Tenom Coffee Valley. It was a 3 minutes drive from TFC cafe.

Since I didn’t have a proper lunch, I ordered something heavier LOl. It’s always over calories here.

As you can see, I’m trying my best not to order another sweet drink

I got TomYum noodles soup that costs only RM9.90 for this big portion! I didn’t finish all the noodles because it was so much for a bowl. My friend had Mee Basah Ayam (Chicken fried noodles with gravy) but I didn’t got a picture of it. As for my SIL, she had chocolate cake.


It’s cheap but it’s not bad. Had a really good talks with my bestfriend and realized it’s almost 5pm so we decided to go home.

Right now, I just had my lunch and I’m thinking of watching a movie so I gotta go.

Wish you all have a great day! ❀

Love, Mich 🌸

Today’s Journal #8

Husband was on day off a couple of days this week so we got to watch a lot of movies together. Quite a lot that I can’t even remember the list already. But for sure I remember the Kdrama that’s still ongoing and about to end in a week. It’s a 120 episodes! I can’t believe we actually watched that much lol. Also, I had a marathon of crime & mystery series which includes Garage Sale Mystery, Aurora Teagarden Mystery and Law & Order. Favourite!

Last Monday, after a little shopping for groceries I was about to go home and actually bought few ingredients for lunch that day but I guess I enjoyed too much on shopping that I past 1.30pm. I was so hungry so I said screw it I’ll just have my lunch outside. Went to Relax Cafe and had 1 from their lunch set.

I got Samurai Chicken Donburi that cost me RM9.90. I don’t really know what was it but as long as I know there’s rice and chicken, I ordered it. When the waiter came served me that bowl, I was a little shock that the side veggies, kind of moving! I was like “it’s alive?!!” lol. the waiter just smile. Actually the side veggies were just so thin and light.

I don’t know what’s the name for each of the side dish, except for the beetroot pickles underneath the rice, but I just don’t like it. Smells like seaweed but naah I just ate the rice, chicken and eggs. Should’ve ordered the Mongolian Lamb donburi at first. At least the chicken was good. Oh the soup on that small cup tasted something like Miso soup but not too strong as a Miso. I don’t remember I ever liked Miso soup.

Two weeks ago I received a Korean skincare product; Some By Mi, and got assigned to join their 30 days review campaign. The main ingredients are acids! You heard it right.

Inside the miracle box: AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner and AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream from Some By Mi with another two free sample of cream. I was assigned to update my progress at least once a week on Instagram but I only did that yesterday. Been using for two weeks as my evening/night routine and I think there’s slight improvement on my skin. My skin concerns are dull skin because of the dark spots, open pores with blackhead on my nose and uneven skin tone. Now I can see my dark spots (what I thought an addition to my freckles collection lol) are no longer visible and got a little glow. I got some tiny bumps on my forehead too which is so annoying!! I noticed that, this product helps in treating those tiny bumps (no more bumps in 2-3 days) but then another new bumps will pop up in a different area?! Whyyy? Ugghh I’m so confused. Well I guess I’ll just see how it will goes till the end of this month. Another 1 week to go. Maybe I’ll write a full review with the latest pictures too.

So far I kind of like this product but confused at the same time. Maybe that’s how my skin reacts to an acid ingredients? Idk.

I have to go now! Thanks for reading! 😊