Sorry for the longgg hiatus! Miss me? πŸ˜‰ No worries I’m still breathing thanks to God 😁 My last post was on March; whyyyy I got so many to catch up with you guys. There’s no specific major reason for being MIA except, I’m so lazy to write and I know that’s sad to be said being a blogger since my early 20s. Anyway, here I am trying to start over again. 😊

A short updates for ya…

  • It’s our Anniversary month! ❀️

5th May – 3 years and counting! Last year we went for a day trip to the beach too for our anniversary, I guess we both just love beach so much.

My current favourite picture! ^^

  • Minimalist Diet Lifestyle 🍊πŸ₯¦πŸ†

Lol is there even a term like that? I’ve been trying to heal my skin problem (read:eczema) without taking any medication because…I’m so sick with ’em. So I’ve been experimenting with what food that triggers the said problem and they’re chicken, eggs and meat. Yup all yummy stuff damn lol. So far, I can see some positive results by not taking them. I was actually going vegan or plant-based but maybe not that fast. Well, you can call me Pescatarian for now ☺️ Thanks to my husband for supporting me in this! I really need that support because I tell you it’s not easy but surely I got this.

Hopefully I can upgrade it to full vegan/plant-based someday 😁 I’m feeling great!

  • Still love to hike πŸ€™πŸΌ

I just love that kind of good stress from hiking and Zumba-ing.

I guess that’s all for now. Wish me luck to post more πŸ˜…

Love, Mich 🌻


Busy Week

Hey! I’m back πŸ˜„ Let’s be honest here, I’m still having those writer’s block now but thanks to your amazing posts that I’ve read, it motivates me to write something tonight 😊

So….what happened on last week til today? Me and my sisters has finally decided to sell our preloved items online and that’s what I’ve been doing for the rest of the days ago. Arranging the apparels, taking photos each one of it and then posted it online. We had fun doing that stuff but here’s the not so fun part, will someone even buy it? Okayyy. Let’s just stay positive. I’ve done this once before, there’s always gonna be both good and bad day but still, I didn’t quit.

On Sunday, I went for a jog at the park. Supposed to be with my sister but I left her because I thought she was still sleeping lol. Sorry sissy but next time please reply my text even if it’s just “k”. πŸ˜‚

I need a new shoes!

Husband is away for work purposes so I got the time to have a little extra something on myself lol that sounds too much. I had my eyelashes extensions! It’s my second time and I’m loving it more this time. Last time, I got the classic volume and this time I asked for a medium volume + cat eyelashes 😁 My sister said it’s too long haha she’s just jealous! To be honest, it didn’t really show any “cat eye” but whatever I’m gonna enjoy this fakeness LOL.

Here’s an interesting story during that day I got the extensions. It took 2 hours and a half to be done!! My god I feel so bored closing my eyes the whole hours. It shouldn’t be that long more than an hour. Her sister (the beautician) did mentioned though that she’s a bit slower than the other beautician. Oh well, the next time I need a touch up, I hope I got somebody else. Thank goodness I love the outcome and it’s affordable πŸ˜„

Today, another busy day for me in arranging the preloved items to get pictures and posting on the social platform. Whenever husby is not around, I’ll try my best to eat something fun because his definition of fun for food is the must have – rice, vegetables mix with any meats. Typical Asian. My definition of fun in food:

I love that Turkey bun but they’re just too sweet. Now I’m craving for french loaf. I’m starting to love plain yogurt IF not to be eaten alone just like that. Must have those almonds yummm.

It’s 8:41pm now and I still haven’t had my dinner so I better go now. Thanks for reading! ❀️

February Summary

Hey guys! Since I wasn’t able to post as much as I want this whole month, and to be exact this post is actually the second post of the month lol… hence I decided to do a summary of my favourite highlights of the month.

Hiking At Bukit Janggut

It’s my second hike for the year! How I miss hiking although I’m pretty sure my stamina wasn’t that good after being hiatus from any exercises for so long. My left knee and my right ankle (the one that got sprained before) was acting poor too when we got down from the hill. ughh. Anyway, I’m glad nothing extra drama other than that and we managed to reached the top with a beautiful sunrise view and of course fresh morning air!

Family Trip To Ranau

It’s a 2D/1N trip and we stayed at my aunt’s house for a simple Chinese New Year dinner. We went to the church together on the next day and later that evening we visited one of the new attractions there called Ranau Rabbit Farm. The entrance fee is RM3 only which is a lot more cheaper than the other Rabbit farm located few kilometres from this place. Love that umbrella-sky! We had a great short time.

Yup. I got my hair permed. Thanks to my aunty for the great service! 😁

JOOX Cafe Grand Opening

Attended this event with Fay and some other bloggers. It was a great time! I always enjoyed a Lion dance performance! I salutes to the men behind the lion costumes for whatever moves they made especially when they’re jumping on that stairs-pole. That cute little desserts there called Cow Dung Tart – what a name huh? πŸ˜‚ It tasted good though. Congratulations once again to Joox Cafe!

Caban Retreat

Wrote about this on this post. 😁

Lunch at Kaffie House

Had my lunch at this new cafe in town. It’s small cafe but with a good ambience and like always, I love this kind of interior. I had Chicken Roll with Nasi Kerabu for lunch and iced Soy Milk that only costs me about RM13. That’s quite cheap came from a cafe-standard. Food was okay except that chicken roll was a bit salty. Should have try the Asam Fish at first.

Andddd that’s a wrap! How was your February? I hope you guys had an awesome moments. Until my next post! πŸ¦‹