Roadtrip + Camping With My Girlfriends

I just came back from a tiring but fun camping trip with my bestfriend last night. It was a 1 hour and a half drive from my home but it feels like more because I was driving alone from my place, while my other four friends from another different town.

Location : Polumpung Melangkap View Camp Site, Kota Belud Sabah

Entrance Fee for Camping : RM6 (adult) RM3 (children 7 years old and above)

Tent Rental Fee : RM30 for 6pax size

Canopy Rental Fee : RM15 each

Check out their Instagram page here where you can find their contact numbers for booking or enquiry.

If I’m not mistaken, my last camping trip was during my energetic teenage years as a Pathfinder member. Camping at this age was not really the same like the old days in terms of being energetic lol!

We arrived around 2pm on Sunday, and I was in total shock when there were sea of people at the camp site. Oh well, it’s public holiday here so that’s explained why. While searching for the perfect spot to set our tent, the rain poured heavily and we decided to ask for the campsite crew to set up everything for us. Thank goodness the rain stopped after a while and we started fire for dinner prepping.

It’s not camping if it’s not messy lol!
Back then we used firewood, now thanks to portable stove!

Starting up fire after rain was not really easy but we eventually did it! We saw some of the campers even called the campsite crew to start up their fire. *pat on the back* we did it on our own 😝

We had Tom Yam, BBQ chicken wings, fishball, hotdogs, watermelon, durian and nachos cheese – nothing so fancy about our camping food but it tasted so special! I know it’s quite a lot for the five of us but we just love food lol.

After dinner, we went to the river for what we called ‘brief-dip-bath’ πŸ˜‚ the water was so cold! During the brief dip, we got the chance to stargazing while in the river! How I wish I have pictures for you to see. It was magnificent!

A few sips of apple cider to ends the night πŸ˜‰

We played a few games, laugh a lot, sangs few songs and chatted a lot. Such good times.

6am – mountain view
Hours of dip in the river

The sun was scorching hot but the water was so cold that makes us want to stay for long. And that being said, of course the five of us got sunburned!

What I learned from this camping:

  1. Ultimate escape from my real lives – Completely unplug from distractions where the network services were weak and I got time to focus on what’s really important; my team.
  2. Work as a team infinitely more easier and fulfilling! And of course we got each other to keep warm.
  3. Learned to enjoy simple things – “happines is real when shared”
  4. Appreciation of nature’s beauty – night time sky full of stars, mountain view, etc.
  5. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable – no big comfy bed, no table for food, not getting a real shower, sleeping with the outdoor symphony.

I’m sure there’s more to write about after-camping thoughts but it’s gonna be a long post for you to read. Over all, yes it was exhausting but worth it! Everything reconnected and that’s the real deal.

That’s all for now; off to plan our next camping trip! 😜

Love, Mich 🌸


Roadtrip to the Beach

Yesterday we had an amazing one day trip at the beach. It’s a 1 hour and a half drive to this place from our hometown. We never been there before so literally drive guided by google maps. Fortunately it’s accurate and we’re not lost. 😁

Went there with my hometown-childhood friends with some kids. One of them migrated to Australia and spent her 1 month holidays here at her hometown so we decided to have a mini-reunion since she’s going back this weekend.

I am totally a beach lover so I spontaneously screamed when I saw those beautiful water! Lol.

Funny things, since it’s a spontaneous escape plan and we’re not sure about this place, except the town, we didn’t bring any food with us and it’s lunchtime some more πŸ˜… So 4 of us drove back to the town and bought some food for us and the kids. Lesson learned number 1.

The water are so clear upon our arrival. But after we ‘re-arrived’ from buying food, it’s about to rain. I’m a bit sad but it’s okay I still enjoyed the whole day with them. Maybe I’m sad because I didn’t get the chance to take lots of picture of the clear water lol. Next time, never ignore your always-hungry tummy. HAHA! Lesson learned number 2.

Love it here that it’s not really crowded. I noticed there’s only about 5 groups including us. Definitely going back here next time.

First time in my life I ever feel cold at a beach! Hah! So I didn’t get wet yesterday. But perhaps it’s almost 5.30pm so it’s breezy and so calming on that hammock.

Hey, chook! Pray that we can afford to visit you there next time lol

She got married with an Australian and we always miss her being with us here like the old days. Oh well, we’re grown ups now…that’s how life is. Her husband couldn’t accompany her because of work if any of you wondering.

Our group

Thanks for the memories! Thanks for the friendship! ❀

Thank you for reading! Until my next post 😊

Island Getaway With My Bestfriends

May 28-30 – Only today got the chance to update about the short trip we had last week. 3D2N short trip with my girlfriends. I’ll try to write briefly with details.

It took only 50 minutes by plane to reach Tawau Airport from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, and another 45 minutes bus drive to arrive Semporna. Thank God we arrived safely despite the not-so-good weather.

BKI – TWU flight airfare: RM158 return

Airport shuttle service: RM50

Stayed here for 2 nights
bunkers are the cutest!

Wanderer’s Inn 3D2N: RM94 including breakfast

Had our meals mostly here @ Fish Village Seafood Restaurant
Meals for 5! “Small” size for each

There were good and bad reviews on this restaurant but I always look to the positive side. It was always full, mostly tourist from China and sometimes have to wait for empty table or being serve. We don’t mind waiting cuz we knows the food tasted good!

We don’t eat seafood except for fish, but I know it’s a must when you’re in Semporna for those who enjoys seafood delicacies. My personal favorite was the sweet and sour fish fillet. The fish were so fresh of course!

Dinner x 2nights & Lunch x 1day : RM50/perhead

I think you can spend less than RM50 on food if you’re on tight budget. We just love to eat more for our dinner. πŸ˜‚ Dinner during second night were almost the same too, but the waiter accidentally heard us saying we want the “medium” size for each cuisine. πŸ˜… We finished it all anyway. HAHA. food is love baby!

1st Island: Tatagan Island

After about 40 minutes quite rough ride by speed boat, we finally arrived at this 1st island. There were more than 1 canoe started to surrounds our boat and asking for money. Yes scary but at the same time I feel pity for them; the sea gypsies or bajao laut. We didn’t give money though cuz I bet all of them will ‘attack’ us if we do so. One of our friends did gave some cookies and it didn’t stop them from asking for money. πŸ˜… The boatman said just ignore them and few moments later they started to leave us.

Us with one of the sea gypsies. why so serious pretty girl? 😁
2nd Island: Bohey Dulang

To the next island, we were so disappointed here. We’re supposed to hikes and witness a magnificent sea view from top of the hill but due to the heavy rain the night before, the trail was closed. 😩 anyway, we tried to be positive and take that as a reason to revisit again next time!

Not in the mood for a happy face at first
but then…lucky i have them!
3rd Island: Mantabuan Island

Another disappointment 😞 Since it’s full moon season, it’s low tides so the boat can’t reach the island. Aaah okay another reason to come back again!

Us with our life vest and life ring πŸ˜‚

…and our boatman who always making sure we’re safe. HAHA. I know it looks funny or extra with all those life jacket and life ring some more but hey we had fun! The view down below were so gorgeous and calming even though the boatman said the corals were damaged. Hopefully on our next visit, we can snorkel without life vest lol. Among 5 of us the besties, there’s only one of us who is a good swimmer. Dear Cindy, please give us a swimming lesson already! πŸ˜‚

4th Island: Sibuan Island

Seriously no filter needed here. The water are so damn gorgeous. Thank God for this beautiful nature.

❀ them!

4 Islands Package: RM70 including lunch

Despite a lot of disappointment, we really enjoyed this short trip. So thankful and blessed! We will come back!

Total expenses: RM422


  • Click this link for more details regarding the Island Packages.
  • Our hostel and we book the airport shuttle there too.

“Never underestimate local attractions!”

’til my next post 🌺