Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony And Dinner @ Grandis Hotel Kota Kinabalu


Back again with another thankfulness over the invitation to the said event last Wednesday night. Thanks Grandis Hotel and Massy for the invites 😊

The ceremony started at 6pm in front of the hotel entrance, and before the Deputy General Manager lights up the Christmas tree, we were blessed to have the Montfort choir as they entertained us with some Christmas carols.

I really love the setting and everything 😍 too bad I was in a rush and didn’t got the proper picture of the surrounding.

They have a lot of food to choose from the Christmas buffet! Speaking of Christmas buffet, you are welcome to dine in with your family and friends during the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Date: 24th & 25th December 2018

Time: 6:30pm to 10.30pm

Venue: Rosea Café, Grandis Hotel

Price: Rm108 (Adult) Rm58 (Child) *buy 6 tickets get 1 free!*

Let’s see some of the exquisite food from the buffet!

There’s actually more from the selection but I was kind of late for the photo session and my camera wasn’t cooperating well that night. Lesson learned! However, so glad I did managed to snap a memory of the delightful nicely cook Roasted Turkey and Roasted Leg Lamb! mmm exquisito! Also, did I even have to say that I am a fan of sweetsss? There’s enough choices for me and I actually got two plates of assorted desserts oooh yah. 😁

Thank you for the food. 😊

If you’re interested with this Christmas buffet, you can contact Hotel Grandis at this number: +6 088 522883


Winter Wonders Christmas Buffet Dinner – Food Review

Last Thursday we (the bloggers and media influencers) were invited to a Christmas buffet dinner at Ibis Style Hotel Kota Kinabalu. Thank you so much for the invitation and for the food of course.

Winter Wonders Christmas Buffet Dinner

25 December 2018 / 6pm to 10.30pm

Early Bird Price (until 21 December):

Rm65 (adult) & Rm35 (child/senior)

Normal Price:

Rm98 (adult) & Rm53 (child/senior)

Some of their traditional Christmas favorites menu are Roasted Whole Turkey, Yule Log Cake and Yorkshire Pudding. Let’s see some pictures and see if you’re dreaming of it or not 😉

Turkey, Chicken and Yorkshire Pudding. Not in the picture: Beef Wellington

My favourite from the starter was definitely the Smoked Duck Salsa on top of that Garlic Bread. mmm yum!

Oh i love these Beef Penne Pasta. Some of my friends said the Lasagna were good too. Aaah too bad I didn’t take it.

I love the lamb shoulder too but maybe a bit salty for me.

Believe it or not, it was my first time having a roasted turkey! Lol. Still prefer the normal chicken though LOL! It was good anyway, served with 3 different gravy (cranberry sauce, roasted turkey sauce, and mushroom sauce). Buttt, I was kind of hoping there’s mashed potatoes but there isn’t. So, baked sweet potatoes were fine I guess.

And then of course my favorite part of the dinner, cakes and cakes!! They got Blackforest Cake, Christmas Fruit Cake, Yule Log Cake, Strawberry Cake, Mango Cheesecake, Carrot Cheesecake, Double Chocolate Cake and cookies! Well, as you can see I only had pictures of gingerbread cookies. I loveeee all of the cakes, I can’t choose one!

I definitely had a happy tummy that night. So thankful.

If you’re interested with this Christmas Buffet dinner, just contact Ibis Styles Hotel Kota Kinabalu.

Bites n Sips : Cafe Lab and Chiu’s – The Modern Local

Hey guys! It’s November!! Been a bit busy for the past 1 week and decided to reward myself with cafe hopping on last Thursday and Saturday.

Cafe Lab

Location: Kingfisher Plaza

Business Hours: 7am – 10pm, Daily

It’s the new cafe in town owned by Korean (correct me if I’m wrong) and I’m loving the decorations with lots of indoor plants.

Their business hour is from 7am to 10pm which is a great place for breakfast! I always would love to have a breakfast from a one good cafe like this and my breakfast hour is around 7 to 9 am; perfect. Normally the cafe around here will only open at 10am.

Butttt, husband was in a rush that time so we just had our breakfast at our regular and I went to this cafe alone just for a cup of drink and you know what I always love, a slice of cake. 😄

The staff that entertained me was friendly, a Korean man. He tried his best communicating with me while I asked about the drinks and stuffs. Oh, he accidentally gave me back RM8 instead of RM18 of my balance andddd I just realized it when I got home; silly me. Glad that they replied my text and promised to give back my money 😅

Apple Cinnamon Latte RM11

Cheesecake RM10

…but total is RM22? I’m confused but didn’t asked anyway lol. Silly me number two. Or maybe it’s the tax or something? I’ll ask soon.

It’s my first time with apple cinnamon latte and it taste like…apple and cinnamon! lol. Not bad. Got real chunks of apple inside, cute! And for the cheesecake, I LOVE IT! They made it on their own in that cafe.

They served salad, soups, sandwich and of course a Korean signature food that is Bibimbap. Would love to try one of their sandwiches and Strawberry latte next time!

Chius’s – The Modern Local

Location: 88 Marketplace, Kepayan

Business Hours: 10am – 11pm, Wed-Mon

This cafe is one of the famous cafe in town or should I say, on Instagram? Hehe.

I know their best selling menu is the Beef Rice Bowl but we just had our quick lunch at a different restaurant so we just had drinks and cake. That’s how I do it all the time for this series, yes? 😊

Coffee Latte RM10

Houjicha Latte RM11

Carrot Cheesecake RM13

I loveeee the Houjicha latte so much! I never had it before but I now fall in love with its sense of comfort when everytime I sip it. It’s a Japanese green tea and I thought it’s the same with Matcha Latte, but it’s not.

Sister didn’t like her latte though. I told her she’s not gonna like it since she’s not even a coffee drinker but whyyy I don’t know she’s so stubborn lol. Sometimes trying something new couldbe sucks i know haha. But she finished it anyway with the helps of I don’t know how much syrup did she pour in to her cup.

Cake was okay. Whenever I eat carrot cake, I feel like I’m eating something healthy lol. It’s full with nuts and raisin. I still prefer the carrot cheesecake from Secret Recipe; it’s the best so far to my liking.

Stayed in the cafe for hours and had a good chat with my sister.

So, that’s two cafes in a week for this Bites n Sips series. Until my next post! 😊