OOTD: Slip Dress


Hello! Just wanna share my outfit of the day today. 😊

In my opinion, slip on dress is the cutest trend now. And I like wearing it with basic top on the inside.

It gives something more to the look with the combine of slip dress and the basic top.

I’ve been wanting to get at least one slip dress that I’m gonna wear it like this. So few days ago I found this by luck cuz I was actually looking for something different. And it was from the thrift store which costs me only RM2! Yay! Still in a tip top condition! 🙌😁

I asked my husband if it looks too childish or girly on me and he said it looks comfortable on me and that’s all matter. And he added, so what if you look girly…you’re still a girl anyway. Hah! Satisfied. 

I guess it would look better if I pair it with a white sneakers than my old rusty Vans. Oh well, white sneakers are still waiting on the wishlist 😂

Do you like this outfit? How will you style it? 😉

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading ✌

*thanks hubby for being the coolest personal photographer 😝

Love, Mich 🌸


OOTD: Cullotes


Yesterday I finally found a cullotes that fits me well, at least for my eyes and to my liking. I always love scrolling through the media of one wearing cullotes. And so last night I couldn’t wait to wash and dry it to wear it today. Hah! 😂

Image source : pinterest

I love Kim Jones (www.kimcamjones.com) so much! I love everything about her beauty and her style. She has becomes one of my idol in terms of beauty, fashion and style. And the picture above was actually one of the reason why I finally decided to buy a cullotes. 😁

Fitting room game strong 😂

Maybe it would look much nicer if I paired this look with a loafer or pointed mid-high heels but I’m going for a relax day so hence that sandal. 

While scanning the cullotes at the store yesterday, I had this weird feeling that it won’t suit me cuz I’m not tall enough and that it will look like I’m wearing an oversized skirt instead of a pants. Haha. I know. A cullotes cut resemble a skirt anyway.

Outfit of the day 👒

Well I bought it and wear it today. Satisfied and comfortable. And I think it’s a cool style. 😉 Even my husband said he loves this outfit. 

Now I couldn’t stop scrolling on Carousell in the mission of searching new handbag or loafer. Which I think I need to stop 😂 I bought lots of stuff this month. Carousell supposed to be my media to sell my old clothes to clear our closet! 😄

How did you style your cullotes? 😉

@ The Signal Hill Observatory Tower, KK

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

Love, Mich 🌸