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I love shopping. Lol. Who doesn’t? At the same time I love shopping and kind of challenged myself with buying used item that looks like new. Hah! Of course when buying a secondhand item we’ll definitely find the still-wearable and super bonus: cheapest than the original retail price. Thrifting maybe not an option for some of you and it’s okay. 😊

Ever since I installed the app Carousell, it’s addicting to keep scrolling searching for whatever may attract my eyes. From woman/men clothes, accessories, health and beauty products and lots more. I actually sell some of my things and did succeed sold lots of them but as far as I remember, I bought more than I sold πŸ˜‚

And I just received my recent purchase from the app! Yay! I’m happy and excited just like receiving new items from the store.

*The pink handbag was from last month purchase tho. Cost me around RM20+ including postage. Too bad it didn’t comes with long strap but I still love it.

The other handbag : RM20. The seller said it’s Celine inspired lol. But I’m not really into branded stuff so I don’t mind as long as it’s a good bag. Thanks for the free wallet!

Both dress & floral top: RM20. Seller said it’s new, bought and kept for long in her closet. No wonder it smells like clothes store lol.

See…thrifting doesn’t seems so bad right? πŸ˜… and it’s online thrifting some more. It’s all right at your fingertips. lol. Just make sure you’re dealing with trusted seller to avoid being cheated. So far, I never encountered with suspicious seller thank goodness! Fortunately the app let all user to leave feedbacks between seller and buyer so whenever I’m interested with something, I’ll make sure to view the seller’s profile to see at least more than two positive feedbacks from their buyer. However, I don’t think I would buy anything heavier than clothes/bag/beauty products such as phone, camera or kitchen/home appliances. #playsafeguys

I bought a lot from the app recently. I should take a break as we’re going to need lots of money for our car roadtax + insurance renewal next month πŸ˜…

Do you do online thrifting?

Love, Mich 🌸

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Less is more.

After sending off the family to the airport today, (they’ll be spending the new year in Penang this time) I decided to go to the mall and buy a new pair of shoe or flat. There’s a lot to choose of course but I don’t know what’s wrong with me that none of them attractive much to my liking. 

Ended up with this…

Something different from what I normally would buy. I’m pretty sure my husband will say it looks like a hotel slipper and my little sister will say it’s a very mom’s style. πŸ˜‚ Well, i think it’s cute, simple and comfy. And it’s superrr cheap! πŸ˜„πŸ˜… 

Few days ago I made a poll on my Instagram story about whether to dye my hair or not. New year, new hair hello?! πŸ˜‚ Responses were yes 100%. So I dyed my hair by myself despite I got a 100% no from my husband. πŸ˜‚ long story cut short, it didn’t went well. Sadddd πŸ˜– just a shade lighter i guess…

Before I dyed my hair

Supposed to get a honey blonde colour just like the tip of my hair . Oh well, my hair have always been this stubborn everytime I try to dye. Except bleaching them but it’s a no-no. Once and that’s it. 

Husband said, KARMA BABY hahaha. I said no, didn’t I? 

Anyway, I had fun today and the day I dyed my hair on my own. Husband always told me this, “just be yourself. Be the simple girl I fall in love 5 years ago. That time, your hair was dark brown (my original hair color) and you were wearing a white tshirt paired with a black sweat pants. So simple but i like it” 

That time we were on a hike to reach the peak of Mount Kinabalu, of course lah I’m in that outfit. LOL! 

There’s nothing wrong with being simple tho’. Less is more ✌

*I actually lighten my hair in a verryy natural way yesterday. I’ll share that on my next post πŸ˜‰

Love, Mich 🌸

Escape Plan

My lil sister spend her school holidays here with us with lots of plan such as doing at least a video (she’s obsessed with video editing and I think she’s not bad at it) in the busy city. However, as we all know it’s almost Christmas so everybody are doing their Christmas shopping and it’s school holiday too. Hustle bustle city!

Took 40 minutes drive instead of the normal 10 minutes drive yesterday just to had our breakfast which is actually nearby our house here. So I insisted not to go out to the city but escaping somewhere peaceful instead.

Escape plan succeed!

Kasih Sayang Health ResortI thought it’s my 5th time there. It’s actually my 6th time! Wow I surely love that place 😁 Well, it’s quite cold there, fresh air, mesmerizing greenscapes and we can see the city from up there. What’s not to like bout that? πŸ˜„

Not forgetting OOTD session πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I really need a new sandal πŸ˜‘ and new culottes! Haha.

Hmmm why so expensive? LOL

My first time here was around 2010/2011 and I remember the cheapest drink on the menu (other than drinking/mineral water) during that time was RM9 something for a hot chocolate in a pot. Yesterday I saw on the menu, hot black coffee in a pot is RM12.99. Not too high but still expensive cuz it’s just a Kopi Tenom which cost RM7 for 12 sachets. πŸ˜‚ we still ordered it anyway. cheapskate me, maybe.

Sisters bonding time πŸ’•
Came here twice with husby πŸ’ somehow it’s a romantic place.

Absolutely love this place for relaxing purpose. Not sure about the food tho. Ate their fettuccine carbonara before, it was too salty for me and the fettucine was too al dente; chewy. I think their desserts not bad. Tried chocolate lava cake and crΓ¨me caramel, it was nice. Will come back here next time and be sure to just order drinks or desserts πŸ˜… cuz I just love to wander to this kind of place.

That’s all for now. Till my next post!

Love, Mich 🌸