World Wellness Weekend @ Chavana Spa

To celebrate the World Wellness Weekend, Chavana Spa from The Pacific Sutera Hotel invited us for a Pilates session on the 23rd of September, last Sunday.

Beach view

I’ve tried Yoga and Pilates long time ago on my own – guided by YouTube lol! I don’t even know if I was doing it right, all I know, I was really bad in balancing and breathing technique.

Thanks to Chavana Spa & Meitzeu for the invitation! Me together with Jessica and Fay decided to join at first, but Fay couldn’t make it at last since she’s not feeling well that day. Hope you’re feeling better now! 😊

Around 9am, we were told to gather at the beachfront while waiting for the coach.

While waiting the rest

It’s my first proper Pilates with a coach and I know it’s not going to be easy as a beginner, but I don’t really expect it’s gonna be that ‘intense’! Haha! I really can feel the urge to use all my energy and inner core or whatever you may call it. For a beginner like me, that was really tiring but actually fun! I’ve done HIIT before and I’m not sure if I could say it was as fun as Pilates. I remember the Pilates coach keep asking us to relax and smile to each other while we’re actually struggling balancing and at the same time breathing. I guess that’s what I love about Pilates, just like Yoga; good for physical and mental stamina.

Done! No picture during the session, we’re so focus! lol

Oh, my favourite pose from all that we’ve done that day would be the “child pose” 😂😂

After Pilates, we’re asked to have some refreshments and finger food at their spa. At the same time, we got a chance for a spa tour. It looks so relaxing and romantic but I don’t know when will I able to get a spa there. I don’t think I can afford it! It’s a 5-star hotel! 😅

Got Elemis skincare product as a door gift! And there’s cleansing oil inside which came in the right time, i just run out of makeup cleanser! Thanks!

Thanks again for the free Pilates session covered by Chavana Spa of The Pacific Sutera Hotel. Hope to join again next year!


Today’s Journal #5

Hi! I’m glad that the temperature is getting lower than before but not the rain-everyday situation tho!

Sept 19

Apple pancakes for brunch. It’s so hard for me to bite one apple because I don’t really know why lol! Maybe because I prefer softer watery fruits like watermelon or papaya? Haha I’m such a baby no. So that’s where the idea of apple pancakes came from. Not the best look of pancakes and caramelized apple -I know, but it’s yummy! There finally I can say one apple a day keeps the doctor away 😜

Sept 20

Gloomy morning. After I took this picture, it rained and I go back to sleep 😜

Sept 21

I’m feeling like detoxing all those yummy unhealthy food I ate with these water. It’s calamansi lime + cucumber. I don’t have lemon so I guess any kind of lime is fine. And it’s actually really refreshing. Couldn’t remember how many times I visit the toilet!

Evening, went to the bakery and I was actually surprised that this big loaf cost me rm3.50 only! Yummy! Who loves raisin loaf like i do? 🙋

Sept 22

After church service, went to my favourite place to have Wantan Hor for lunch. Used to be favourite I guess… Doesn’t taste the same anymore but I actually finished the whole plate! HAHAHA so hungry damn.

Got my metal straw and I got it for a super cheap deal! Rm8 only! The lowest I saw so far is rm12? Please let it more cheaper so that everyone, like eeeeveryone could afford to buy one! Wanted to buy one for husband but he said there’s this word call “sip” so you don’t need a single straw. Hahaha okay fine! It’s just that, sometimes it’s fun and a little convenient by using a straw.

Sept 23

Invited to attend Pilates session and it was tiring but fun! I’ll write more about this soon. 😊

After that, went for groceries shopping and then home. I was so tired from the Pilates, like i just hiked two hills! lol. Pilates is no kidding girl!

That’s all for today! How’s your day so far?

Bites n Sips

New post on this series! It was an unplanned visit to this coffee shop. Never heard about this cafe before, I guess it’s coincidentally I drive passing by the area.

Mong Cafe

When I open the door, I was a bit surprised there’s only me and a man who just finished his drink, and one staff (or was she the owner? idk)

For the first time, I don’t know what to order. There’s nothing on the cake shelf. Empty. And the staff was just standing there behind the counter, waiting for my order. So I look up on the menu, at least the prices for drinks are cheap. I asked for just a cup of hot chocolate. Since they have nothing on the shelf, I asked if there’s anything for me to eat HAHA. And she said, you can check on the menu, everything is available. Ugh she was not friendly at all.

Nothing special on the menu, so I just randomly ordered plain waffle. It’s raining outside at that time, I just want to sit for a while and have a good time alone. Hot Chocolate RM8 and Waffle RM10. Drink was just nice, maybe not the smoother art look. Waffle was good too but I prefer the Belgian waffle from the stall which only costs me RM2.50 each.

I don’t know if I want to visit this cafe again in the future. The only thing I like about being there was, perhaps the calmness of spending time alone.

That’s all for this series today. Thanks for reading!