Peak of Hope


I can’t believe this is my first post of the new year?! 😆 How’s everyone doing? I hope you guys are having great moments just like I do.

Last Saturday while at the church service, my friend asked us to join them for a little fun later that evening. So glad we said yes! Where did we go? If you’re one of my followers on Instagram, I’m sure you noticed I have been spamming quite a lots of pictures from the place 😁

It took us almost an hour to reach this place. If you wish to go here, you can see the signboard following the same road you take if you’re going to Kota Belud / Kota Marudu / Kudat.

Entrance fee is Rm20 for adult including transport to the peak. If I’m not mistaken, children below 12 won’t be charged for entrance. See that Land Cruiser there? That’s one of the transport that took us up to the hill. If I have an off-road vehicle, I don’t think I would drive on my own to the peak 😂 it’s a rollercoaster journey! Fortunately it’s just around 7-10 minutes drive.

So, what’s interesting up there? Nothing much actually 😅 Except these: great spot for instagramable pictures, amazing view of nature, fresh air, and ATV ride. I personally absolutely love it up there! Well, I didn’t ride the ATV because it’s too expensive for me but actually I had fun! We had fun! It’s obviously a peak of a hill that they turned it into something well…different if that’s the right word to define. Something beautiful and interesting.

The background is real! 😎

I think I managed to control my acrophobia just because I wanna have some great pictures from this platform lol!

Can you tell how stiff my pose is? 😂 Also, the wind was blowing so hard that time I can feel my body swayed forward.

And this is my friend, Shere. She seems relax and she even smile.

Missing the other two pumpkins!

Oh, they sell drinks here too and of course it’s a little pricey so if you mind that, you can bring your own. We’re fasting that day so we didn’t even asked if they serve any food or anything other than just drinks.

Where’s my groom? Lol.

These two ❤🕊🕊

Not one of the great Sunset I ever see but still, I always love sunset 😊

There’s quite a lot of people visiting this place and that explains why we need to wait for our turn to take pictures. But not too long though.

Anddd that’s it! The place started to close around 7pm and the visitors were waiting their turn to be picked up by the Land Cruiser. I think we’re the last group to hop on the vehicle. It’s a different driver this time and me judging (while laughing and screaming) the way he drove, I think he got this in his mind “one last fun drive” lol.

I don’t know why they named it Peak of Hope, but yeaah I hope someday I will come again to try the ATV ride because I never ride one before. Until my next post! 😉


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