2018 – Thank you, next!

Today is the last day of the year 2018! I thought it would be great to share something about things that I’ve learned and loved throughout this year.

What I’ve Learned

January 2018

Truth is, it’s not a wonderful year to me. A lot has happened which was kind of depressing. – I’m jobless, There were some scaled-down in our marriage and I had a miscarriage. –

Those three agendas still keep playing in my mind and makes me feel so small that I sometimes plants the words useless and terrible inside my brain. However it’s tiring af! Really…it’s so exhausting to feel that way. To feel useless, to hold on hatred and to put blame on myself. Those quotes “life is too short blah blah blah” is no kidding. I learned that, whatever negativity I should enjoy my days because at the same time it will heal me; glad I did! I forgive others, I forgive myself. I let go, I move on. And I’ve learned to love again.

What I’ve Loved

Despite all those sad moments, that doesn’t stop me to do whatever I love and have some happy moments too! I did some little but great things with my husband, had an awesome ocean trip and riverside camping with my girls, had a fun-adventurous jungle trekking, joined a short run event with lotsaaa adorable dogs, went to a Zumba party, and went for getaways with my families. Loving all those great memories and excitement.

Another one thing, what I’ve loved the most from this year was when I opened up myself to some invitation as a blogger to helps in promoting their business on social media. Not just it helps me to be a better blogger, but also I love how I now have more friends!

One word to me for this year – Strong!

Stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of the mistakes, and happier because of the sad experiences!

Before ending this post, I sincerely want to say thank you and sorry for everything you’ve done and for everything I’ve done wrong to you. Yes you, all of you! 😊

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and have a wonderful time! 🎉

Thank you 2018, next! ✨


10 thoughts on “2018 – Thank you, next!

  1. This post made me tear up! Thank you for being so honest & candid about your year. Gosh, I love your positivity despite the challenges life brings- cannot wait to see what blessings 2019 has in store for you, beautiful!!

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