Today’s Journal #9

Went back to hometown with my sister last weekend and all I did was eat and eat everything! Ugghh must start regular workout and watch out my food intake already! Got back to the city and I did the same too more eating, zero exercise LOL!

We just had our regular breakfast (what’s regular here: big portion of fried noodles or rice with side dishes such as eggs or dim sum) and suddenly husband’s boss call for a meeting at their office. So while waiting for him, there’s no other place to go except to this nearby cafe; The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. If there’s a library nearby I rather sit there than adding another calories but oh well… At first I was going to just have that one big glass of Hazelnut latte but my eyes just can’t resist the fruity scone! 😝

Next morning, husband got up early and went to work. So it’s a perfect morning for oatmeal since husband is not really a fan of oats. Got these honey mangoes from my dad’s backyard while we were at hometown and it’s the best type of mango I ever had! Yum!

Right now, we’re currently at husband’s hometown since last Tuesday. Husband’s on sick leave because he got shingles on his back. Poor him. But it’s getting better though thank God!!

On the bright side, while husband’s having his good rest yesterday, I drove to the town with sister in law to meet my bestfriend, Jessica. Whenever we’re in husband’s hometown, we never really go out from his parents’ house. But me being me, I just need to go out!

While waiting for Jessica, me and SIL went to this little cafe. It’s actually my second time there but only yesterday I noticed the cheap prices on the menu! Well of course it’s quite expensive for a small town like that and just for a cup of coffee, but compared to a cup from the main city, it’s cheaper.

TFC – Tenom Fatt Choi Cafe

I had hot chocolate, Ice blended green tea for my SIL and those little cuties Profitelores. All these three stuffs on our table only costs me RM17! Great! Ohhhh I must tell I really love that choux Γ  la crΓ¨me! So dreamy! ❀ I think it’s my first time with these french cream puffs? I wonder if there’s any cafe in the city that serves this profitelores. Pleaseee tell me if you know there is!!

After that, Jessica called me and said she’s at another cafe called Tenom Coffee Valley. It was a 3 minutes drive from TFC cafe.

Since I didn’t have a proper lunch, I ordered something heavier LOl. It’s always over calories here.

As you can see, I’m trying my best not to order another sweet drink

I got TomYum noodles soup that costs only RM9.90 for this big portion! I didn’t finish all the noodles because it was so much for a bowl. My friend had Mee Basah Ayam (Chicken fried noodles with gravy) but I didn’t got a picture of it. As for my SIL, she had chocolate cake.


It’s cheap but it’s not bad. Had a really good talks with my bestfriend and realized it’s almost 5pm so we decided to go home.

Right now, I just had my lunch and I’m thinking of watching a movie so I gotta go.

Wish you all have a great day! ❀

Love, Mich 🌸


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