Wild Run 2018

Hi! Feels like ages since my last post and it’s October already, my favourite month!

Wild Run – 7 Oct 2018

When my friend text me last week to replace her for this run, I wasn’t excited at all. Well, I didn’t train and got zero preparation. But then she said it’s Fun Run 3KM only HAHA! okay I agreed. Also, we got to run together with lots of adorable pets!

It’s my first time joining this Wild Run and I’m really glad I said yes replacing my friend. Since it’s a Fun Run, we kind of walk a lot than running. How am I supposed to run when there’s a lot of cute pets running along us?! We didn’t focus on running yesterday only because we’re having fun watching the pets behavior while running. There’s dogs, cats, goats and tortoises! Didn’t got the chance to capture a picture of cat and tortoise.

At first we didn’t expect there’ll be goats so It’s funny when we just left the starting line, we heard a goat baa while carried by its owner, running with us at the back. It looks so heavy!

I smell lamb chop whenever I was near the goat and I feel bad hahaha

Love the medal! It’s really a fun run although it’s only 30 minutes run lol! If I ever join this event again next year, I’ll join the 3K too instead of 10K.

A few words of disappointment:

  • Dear runners, there’s a hugeeee waste bin in the area but why did you guys have to left your trash on the ground???
  • Too loud and noisy from one of the vendor. I know it’s to promote their running event for next year but the real performers were assigned (maybe paid for) to entertain on the stage, and there’s the vendor performers as well. So we were like listening to two different songs at the same time and it’s too noisy for me.

Apart from that, we had fun!


11 thoughts on “Wild Run 2018

  1. Ahh! So fun to run with pets! The dogs & goats are so cute! Would love to have seen some cats & tortoises, too, lol!

    So annoying that there was trash everywhere at the end & not very nice of the vendors to be as loud as the performers!

    Looks like such a great time you had though!!

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      1. Yeah! All the time, at all similar events there is so much trash left everywhere…. WHHYYY?! People can be so bad!!

        I’m glad you had a great time though!! ā¤


  2. What a wonderful time!! Glad you ended up enjoying it šŸ™‚ These pups are stealing my heart!! And I NEVER get when runners throw trash everywhere. Truly baffles me and I’ve run my fair share of race, haha. Have a great week, love!

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