Today’s Journal #6

Back again! For the whole 6 days, nothing really interesting because all I did was stayed at home except shopping for groceries.

Sept 24

Woke up with DOMS in the morning, aaah it’s from the Pilates! Muscle soreness on my arms, shoulder and leg area! Gah! Kind of miss it though. I’ve been off from exercising too long and I really need to start over.

Curry chicken with eggplants and long beans for lunch! One of my friends said she noticed me cooks curry like every month. Well, yes. Curry is my favorite only if I cook it myself. I had a terrible experience of diarrhea from eating curry from the Indian restaurant, so bad.

Really glad that I forced myself to jog that evening though my soreness was burning. It feels so good although it was just around the neighborhood.

Sept 25

Not feeling well in the morning so husby insisted me to go for a check up. Doctor said there’s nothing serious but maybe my hemoglobin is low and got something to do with my 2 months post-miscarriage. Asked for a further check up in a hospital but I’m already feeling tired that morning. So he gave me those vitamins.

I even cook spinach for lunch, because it’s good for whatever related to blood but whyyyy it’s too bitter! I really love spinach but never got a bitter one. Idk either the farmer picked it too early or there’s too much pesticides? erkkk no.

So I had sweet potato fries instead. God I really love these fries! I can have it everyday! šŸŸ

Went for a jog again in the evening.

Hubby had a request for dinner that night. He wants me to cook something like what he had with his team from their last 4days jungle trekking. He even taught me exactly like how his friend made it. Cook it separately then mix it together later. What?

It’s long beans with omelette! Ughh i thought it’s something really special šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ well, it wasn’t bad at all.

Sept 26

Morning feels much better. Husby went to work early that day. Craving for pancakes again; no egg and no butter pancakes! I did feel a bit regret to just have that two pieces cuz it taste so good but I really need to cut my food intake now.

…and the days went just well.

Sept 27

Did I just said must control my food intake yesterday? ehehehee ooops i did it again!

I was just done with groceries shopping and these chocolate truffles were calling my name over and over again, so I bought it. šŸ˜‚ at least me and husband didn’t finish it in one day. šŸ˜

After that, we had this! Sweetened sago with sweet potatoes and tang yuan (glutinous rice ball). Normally, my mom would add green or red beans but I don’t really like it except if the beans are well-cook and to do so it needs hours of soaking the beans. I just can’t wait so I skip the beans šŸ˜

That late evening, I made the DIY marble phone case.

Sept 28

Morning starts like usual. Husby got up early and wakes me up to catch up a few episodes of Sunny Again Tomorrow. I remember how he said not to watch too much of Kdrama, but now he’s the one that addicted haha!

Posted the marble phone case that I made yesterday on Instagram story, some of my friends asked me how to do it so I decided to blog about it. Wasn’t really confident in doing so because of the outcome; messy marble effect but I guess that’s what DIY is right?! It’s the fun and figuring the how-to is what really matters!

That night we watched a movie at home called “Wolfhound”. I think it’s my first time watching a Russian movie. Well thanks it’s dubbed to English.

How’s your week? Hope you have a great one! šŸ˜Š

Love, Mich šŸŒø


13 thoughts on “Today’s Journal #6

  1. Girl I am dealing with the worse DOMS I have in years!!!! I feel your pain, quite literally!!!
    Iā€™m so sorry to hear your had a miscarriage I hope you are feeling better soon, Mich. I am am glad you had something yummy- sweet potato fries are a cure all. So tasty.
    Those truffles look divine too- as does allll this food! Hope you are having a good Saturday, Chica ā¤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’m sure you got those DOMS for good! I got it like once a month and complaining I’m not in a good shape hah!

      Thanks Mack. I’m much much better now. ā¤ sweet potato fries are such a drug to me nowadays lol!

      Wish you all the good things ahead! xx


  2. Mmm oh my gosh, all of the food looks so so so delicious!! Especially the sago dessert. šŸ˜

    I’m glad you’re feeling better now! & also, thanks for sharing the marble phone case DIY! It was fun! šŸ˜„


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