DIY Marble Phone Case With Nail Polish

I’ve always love marble texture pattern and wish to buy lots of marble phone case for my phone. However the sad truth is there’s no marble phone case that suits with my phone; or should I say, there’s only marble phone case available for iPhone. Now you know I’m not an iPhone user 😁 Now, thanks to the words do-it-yourself because I finally got myself a marble phone case!

How to do it? It’s so easy! Well it’s not gonna be perfect like how you’ll find from the store but let’s just think this as one of those fun crafty moments, okay?! Tutorial with pictures below.

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear phone case or plain black/white case
  • Nail polish in 2 or more different shades
  • Bowl filled with water (room temperature)
  • Toothpick

Now let’s begin! Make sure you have gather all your supplies nearby you and open the nail polish. It’s a fast process so you’ll need to work fast so that the nail polish doesn’t dry out too soon.

Step 1: Add 1st Colour

Pick your first colour and just drip a few drops onto the surface of the water. You’ll have to do it fast but carefully. Once the polish hits the water, it will spread out.

Step 2: Layer More Different Shades

Noticed that I only use two different shades? You can use more!

Quickly repeat the 1st step with your second and third colours, dripping a few drops of each colours over the top of the first colour.

Step 3: Create The Marble Effect

Use a toothpick to gently swirl the polish around. It’s okay to just randomly swirl around as long as you’re being careful not to ruin the almost-dry polish.

Step 4: Dip The Phone Case

Hold your phone case with the outside of it facing down toward the surface of the water. Slowly dip it to the surface of the water so that the nail polish starts adhering to the case.

Step 5: Let It Dry Then Insert Your Phone

Once the case is fully covered in the nail polish, remove from the water and let it set out to dry. Once completely dry, insert your phone!

I know it’s messy with all those bubbles that I should’ve pop earlier but it’s okay I’m still happy with it! πŸ˜€ Perhaps after a few more practice in the future, it will look good, yes?

If you messed up and wanted to do all over again, you can just wipe it off using the nail polish remover. It’s not that hard, just need a little patient on scrubbing until all the colour comes off but I recommend you to use face mask as you know nail polish remover really smells strong, plus you gonna need a lot of it. Just in case. 😊

If you love DIY and haven’t done this yet, give it a try and enjoy! 😊


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