Bites n Sips

New post on this series! It was an unplanned visit to this coffee shop. Never heard about this cafe before, I guess it’s coincidentally I drive passing by the area.

Mong Cafe

When I open the door, I was a bit surprised there’s only me and a man who just finished his drink, and one staff (or was she the owner? idk)

For the first time, I don’t know what to order. There’s nothing on the cake shelf. Empty. And the staff was just standing there behind the counter, waiting for my order. So I look up on the menu, at least the prices for drinks are cheap. I asked for just a cup of hot chocolate. Since they have nothing on the shelf, I asked if there’s anything for me to eat HAHA. And she said, you can check on the menu, everything is available. Ugh she was not friendly at all.

Nothing special on the menu, so I just randomly ordered plain waffle. It’s raining outside at that time, I just want to sit for a while and have a good time alone. Hot Chocolate RM8 and Waffle RM10. Drink was just nice, maybe not the smoother art look. Waffle was good too but I prefer the Belgian waffle from the stall which only costs me RM2.50 each.

I don’t know if I want to visit this cafe again in the future. The only thing I like about being there was, perhaps the calmness of spending time alone.

That’s all for this series today. Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Bites n Sips

  1. I hate going to stores where the staff is rude. Makes the eating experience less enjoyable than it was supposed to be.

    The hot choc looks good but so pricey. It’s that the standard price of hipster cafes like these nowadays?

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  2. bad service is truly the worst! It totally makes or breaks an experience. Your waffle looks absolutely delicious as well as the hot chocolate- what a lovely combo & picture as usual! Love reading your coffee adventures!!


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