Bites n Sips : Joylife Cafe

Last Saturday, after the food review session at Alu-Alu Kitchen, me and Fay decided to have a cup of coffee at a nearby cafe. Too bad that Jess couldn’t join us. Next time okay?! πŸ˜€

| Joylife Cafe |

Location : Lot 5, Jalan Kilang, Sedco Light Industrial Estate, Kolombong (Opposite BSA Food Court)

Business Hour : 10 am – 6 pm | Mon – Sat


It’s a small cafe with a comfy-home vibes and what’s interesting with this cafe is, the owner, Jazel herself prepare everything and she’ll add/change different menu everyday.

Fay ordered Cafe Latte RM9, I got Mocha RM10 and both of us agreed to take the last piece of Banoffee Cheese Cake RM12; special menu of the day.

It’s my first time trying out Banoffee cake and man it was really good! It was not overly sweet, which why I really love and the cream cheese was beautifully light. So divine! Glad that we took that last slice!

For my drink, I love how smooth and velvety the latte art was. Unfortunately, it was too bitter for me lol. I guess I’ll just stick with hot chocolate or matcha latte whenever I go for a coffee sesh. I know some people love the bitterness tang of coffee but for me, I prefer sweet drink. Just like Fay who enjoyed her not-too-sweet latte. I remember how terrible the jitters got me later that evening due to that mocha!

I’d love to come back next time though to taste the mushroom onions cheese sandwich. Jazel said it’s everyone’s favourite! Aaah now I’m imagining having a brunch with that savoury sandwich!

That’s all for today’s Bites n Sips series. Thanks for reading! ❀


12 thoughts on “Bites n Sips : Joylife Cafe

  1. That’s so cool that the menu changes everyday! & that cake looks soooo good! Hope you’re able to go back soon, the mushrooms, onions, cheese sandwich sounds yum! πŸ˜‹


  2. I should not have read this hungry! That cheese cake and coffee is actual perfection. I feel like I always say that on your page haha. I love how you capture it too. Your photos are just stunning


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