Bites n Sips : Bunkers Cafe

The hot and dry weather is over now. It’s rainy season and all I wanna do is stay at home; eat and sleep. But not today. I’m feeling like eating something sweet and it’s been awhile since I posted something for this Bites n Sips series.

I went in to this cafe right on during lunchtime and everyone were enjoying their food but none of them ordered cake for lunch? lol. It’s okay. I’m really craving for at least a slice of cake and a hot drink.

I ordered Green Tea Latte (RM10) and Blue Velvet Cake (RM10). It’s my first time for the cake, but then it tastes just like the ordinary Red Velvet cake. I guess it’s just a first time for that colour for Velvet Cake. But it’s good tho’. Not too sweet, and just the right amount of cheese. Green Tea Latte tastes fine, not too strong. I’ve tasted the same drink at somewhere and it tasted like strong ‘spirulina’? But this one just nice. I keep sipping it till the very last drop. And for the cake, it’s so good! Maybe a little dry but not that much. I don’t expect too high whenever I visit a cafe, as long as it’s edible, I’m good. I remember when I just arrived this cafe, I saw there’s a slice of cake being left on the table, maybe eaten 1-2 scoops only. Hey it’s not that bad. Please don’t waste food, people!

For the interior, it’s simple with local Indie songs being played. It’s cozy and would love to come back here to taste their other menu. They served western and asian cuisine too. Check out their Instagram, they posted lots of scrumptious food and beverages!

For the record, I write this post while I’m here at this cafe! Perfect place for blogger hehe. Now I better go home. It’s been raining non-stop heavily since earlier and the last I thing I want is to be stuck driving in a flood.

Bunkers Cafe

“A yawn is a silent scream for coffee”


Kingfisher Plaza, Ground Floor, No. 10-1, Lot 5, Block A, Lorong Plaza Kingfisher 1, Jalan SMC, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Operation Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 9:30am – 10:00pm

Friday & Saturday: 9:30am – 11:00pm

Thanks for reading!

Love, Mich ☕


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