Storytelling : Spooky Moments

I’ve been on and off with social media nowadays and to tell the truth I kind of like it. I have real time for myself and saved money from buying top ups for internet data.

Anyway, I feel like blogging today. 😊 As you can read at the title above, yes I want to share my spooky moments with you guys. I don’t know if it’s scary enough for you, but it’s totally freaked me out during those days. It’s gonna be a long post.

Few years ago, when I was 15, I remember it’s the year for big exam for Form 3 (PMR). So it’s kind of ‘trending’ around that time to wake up at 3am in the morning to study – said that it’s the best time for the brain to absorb all those knowledge. LOL. So I did. I sat on my study desk, read couples of book until suddenly I heard my name being called. I was so sure it was my grandma’s voice. And guess what…I yelled “yes, Ina (Ina = Mama)?” Damn! It’s 3am, she didn’t live with us, and she was really sick at that time. I went to bed and forced my eyes to close till I fall asleep. Told the whole situation to my mom, and she said “maybe your grandma is telling you she’s leaving soon” I nearly cry at that moment. Few months later, my grandma passed away. It’s really one of the sad moment in my life, but I’m glad she’s gone for good. No more pain. Ina…i miss you.

That’s my 1st kind-of-spooky-moments. Another one was when I moved out from the frat house to my own apartment…well my sister’s apartment actually but she didn’t live with me so it’s just me alone for the first few months. That time, there’s only a few residents here since it’s just newly open around that year. I remember I was doing my laundry, and I glanced a kid-size running towards the living room. That’s the 1st. I said, maybe it’s just my imagination because I’m all alone. 2nd time was when I was in the kitchen, I saw the same, it was like the ‘thing’ was peeking from the kitchen’s door and when I turned, the thing just run then gone. I couldn’t see its face though…if it’s ever got a face anyway…all I can remember was, it was dark and a size of a 7/8years old kid. Sometimes, I could hear things like coins dropping to the floor from upstairs, sometimes the sounds of dragging the chair, while I know there’s no one upstairs. I told my parents and my boyfriend (now my husband) about that, and they decided to call someone to give some blessing for the apartment. Mom called a Pastor, prayed for the house and we had some kind of a housewarming party. I’m so glad, after that day, no more kid ‘playing’ around inside the house. However, few months later, one of my bestie live with me at the apartment, and she said she saw the same…a couple of times πŸ˜‚ Well, i guess the ‘kid’ just want to say welcome and that’s that…no hardcore mess up. πŸ˜… nda asi ba klu sya ja yg nampak Sher haha

Another story… It was nighttime when I go out with my girlfriends in my hometown. At that time, only me who got a car and I have to pick up each of them, and send them back safely. I’m not really sure where were we that night, but I remember it was 11pm when we go back. After the last person sent home safely, I’m all alone. The road to my home is unpaved road / gravel (still now), so I can’t drive more than 60km/h. That night, somehow I had a bad feeling but trying not to think negative. As soon as I reached to this side of a small junction, I don’t know what makes me to turned my head to the right, I saw a middle aged lady, with a (I am so sorry to say this) horrifying scary look! With lots of cuts on her face. I was terrified and drive as fast as I can, ignoring the gravel stones hitting the surface of my car. Why I said I’m sorry, because I know the lady. She passed away few years ago, found out murdered by some stupid idiot terrible junkie. She was my friend’s mom, our neighbour. As soon as I arrived home, I cleaned my self, say a little prayer and went straight to bed. Never again will I drive alone at night since then.

Told my family about all these spooky experience I had. My sister said, I have a gift. LOL. Naaaah I’ll pass this kind of gift. Give me chocolate instead. πŸ˜† Maybe it’s just God’s way telling me to not to be alone so often. What say you?

I’ll end it here for now. I’ll tell another story next time. πŸ˜‰


23 thoughts on “Storytelling : Spooky Moments

  1. Biasa kalau org sakit kan p sapa ko or ko temimpi kan mmg dorg mau jalan sda tu.. time sa stay d hostel dulu my uncle come to me yang sihat sda betul dpt jalan sdgkan dia bed ridden ni … Tia lma lepas tu trus dia passed away.. few times jg sa ada felling yang ad some one peeking sam ko tp selalunya sa x layan..but moi yang scary face lady kan adoii sa x dpt terima o.. buli nampk muka.. berani jg ko kn

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    1. Ya biasa gitu kan klu ada yg mau pass away sdh..paaalis juga la. Ya jgn layan sama jgn tegur ja la kan..x jg kacau tu. Eii ntah napa sya berani btul dulu..skrg sya guntalou sdh kali ni. Deii sya nampak betul tu muka dia aa..cara dia bdiri pun sama la ba btul yg oluuk ni..seblah rmh kami ja lg tu rmh dorang..


  2. Most of the stories of the people are somewhat related to u kan? I think the last one was scary. Maybe you have a 3rd eye. I don’t know. I usually feel uneasy if I feel like “something” is following me. I had some scary stories to share too but maybe for another time. Pandai kambang tu bulu roma sometimes kalau dengar ni critas.

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  3. I think you do have a gift oh! The last one maybe tu aunty is trying to tell you something but who knows kan? Btw do you still see the thing in your house? Always be careful with this kind of thing, I know this thing don’t mean any harm but be firm & tell the thing that the house is not their house!

    Suka sy baca crita hantu ni hahaha πŸ˜†

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    1. Tell me what aa? πŸ€”πŸ˜― tapi mmg tu simpang kan slalu kwn2 npk something jga ba walupun bnyk rmh jga kwsan sana. So far this year, baru 1 kali la sya npk sini rmh..sikit sya demam πŸ˜… rumah my sis di kampung pun sya pernah nampak dulu time baru siap rmh sis ckp sya kena ikut2 omg please don’t kannn πŸ˜†

      Sya pun suka kasi crita / dgr crita bgini wlupun sya penakut πŸ˜‚


  4. Hehehe btw take care selalu.. ada essential oils yg ko bole diffuse tu, colleague sy/ur ex lecturer kestau sy & klau ko diffuse tu essential oils, all the negative energy will be gone..

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