Week 2

…cuz I don’t have any better title for this post 😅 should I say this weeks journal?

This week has been a very political and stressful week for us the Malaysian. The General Election 14 was done, the ‘new-old’ Prime Minister was selected (We love you Tun M!), and as for this little state of Sabah, I don’t know yet what to say but let’s just pray for the best. I’m sure they know better.

Me & dad showing our inked finger: voted! ☑

Step aside politics, let’s move on to my favorite part in life: fooooods and fun life 😁

On the 5th of May, it’s our 2nd wedding anniversary. However, the husby was out of the town for work purposes. So we decided to celebrate it the next day. Nothing special but I am so thankful that he made an efforts to bring me out for dinner despite his exhaustion from work.

no candlelight dinner or whatsoever 😂

Meanwhile, throwback to 5th of May, I kind of celebrated my anniversary with my girlfriends lol.

Steamboat and grilled meat…lotsssa meat

Thanks Koro for the treat 😁 We ate a lot of grilled meat and I guess we kind of feels guilty that we decided to go for hike the next day 😅

Hike at Bukit Botak Sepanggar

On the 8th of May, my friend aka neighbor, Mimie asked me out and literally treat me the whole day. From breakfast, to karaoke sesh and lunch. So thankful! Bless her!

Hazelnut & coffee latte, carrot cheesecake & chocolate indulgence. 😋

The cheesecake was soooo good! I’m going back just for the cheesecake although it’s small and expensive 😂

Okay I better stop now 😁

Happy Saturday and have a great day ahead 🌻

…till my next post.


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