Bites n Sips : Pando Cafe

Bites n Sips is a series of my cafe hopping here in KK city. Hopefully I can post more about this in the future. Enjoy!

Last night we were supposed to go back at my hometown but there were some things still needs to be done here.

I had a very late lunch yesterday so I don’t really feel hungry last night and we decided to just go to a cafe for some sweet eats.

#flatlayforever πŸ˜…

Since it’s Chinese New Year eve, there were just two groups of customers inside the cafe including us and they’re almost done when we arrived so it’s like we booked that place just for the two of us. LOL.

I believe it’s from last night – Valentine’s cake. Still edible tho πŸ˜‚

I ordered hot Coco latte (RM8) for me, Orange juice (RM8) for my husband and a piece of Red Velvet cake (RM12.90). Sharing just a piece of cake cuz hubby is not really a sweet tooth kind of person. The hot chocolate was just nice, nothing fancy except the latte art. I didn’t get the chance to taste the orang juice but hubby said it’s fresh. The CAKE! oh so yummy! Despite the overpriced cake, I think I’ll come back just for the cake. 😁 For me, it’s quite expensive for a piece of cake cuz I’ve tasted a RM7-9 of cakes and they tasted sooooo good too.

Enjoying every bites and sips.

Pando cafe’s tagline or keywords are Fruit.Furniture.Cafe. Nothing much interesting with their interior design except for the steel drum furniture. Too bad I was too busy with my cake and forgot to take picture of the chairs.


Overall, maybe I’ll come back if I’m craving so badly for their red velvet cake 😁


Latitude 6, Lot 2, Ground floor 88450 Kota Kinabalu.

Next post would be another cafe hopping session. Stay tune! πŸ˜‰

Love, Mich 🌷

xin nian kuai le! gounian daji!


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