Farewell 2017

Today is the last day of 2017. If I sit back and think of the past days throughout this years, there’s nothing much happened except the feeling of loved, gratitude and blessed with the people around me. There’s a lot of personal goals I didn’t manage to achieve this year in terms of our (me & Kerry) finance and our relationship between God. Well, at least we lived each days fighting moments of ups and downs.

Dealing with my anxiety, depression and anger issues was a lot more easier towards the end of this year. I don’t talk much about this on social media, not even to my deary husband, closest friends or family. Personally, bursting out about this is too personal and I think it’s my own self challenges to overcome with, that telling people about this is not helping much. Hoping someone to hear and listen might help but for me it is a bit selfish. No offence; that’s my sincere own opinion. I HAVE to help myself. If you guys followed me on Instagram, you’ll notice how often I posted nice pictures of me wandering nearby. In my opinion, that’s one of my solution to spread positive vibes inside my system and to others I hope. Every little things matters as long as I am happy. Although they (husby, family & friends) don’t know, but they’re (maybe you’re too) my main reason why I need to be strong and change to a better person. *fingers crossed*

I hike a lot too this year. Nothing extra-adventure but still an adventure to me. I’m addicted to that kind of adrenaline rush. I practice more on my breathing techniques which helps a lot, also to my anger issues. I keep filling beautiful and exciting activities that I have no time to feel afraid of what people will say, no time to think too much and no time to get angry over nothing.

I know some of our relatives and friends are wondering why we didn’t have kids yet while lots of my friends are now keep updating their Instagram with their cute babies. Well, all I can say is we have reasons. We can only plan but God determines our steps.

I thank God for everything and will always be. I believe God is my number 1 helper and counsellor. Hopefully, this coming new year will be the great year for us to keep a better relationship with God.

Ending my post with my wish, happy new year 2018. Hope you had a great year and will have more. Positive vibes only!

Love, Mich 🌸


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