Dragon Fruit Smoothie (No Blender)

I love smoothie but I don’t have a blender. I’m often wondering if I could make a smoothie without a blender. Of course it is ideal to have a blender to get that lovely smooth fruity drink. 

I really need to save up to buy a blender next time…or maybe a juicer ✌

Yesterday, I bought a pack of chopped chunked Dragon Fruit and decided to come up with something instead of just eat it like that. 

Here’s what I did: I mashed the fruit in a long glass (or bowl) with a whisk (you can use fork or anything to mash it) until it turned into a mushy liquid. Then, I added 1 cup of soy milk. You can use any others drink. 

And it’s done! Of course you can top your smoothie with anything you want but I like it that way. I’m truly happy that I made this as simple as that. It’s yummy and fun to do! I should’ve done this a long time ago. 😃

Next I’m gonna try with another different fruit. Maybe banana? Or any ideas? 😊

*mau makan sihat2 supaya cantik dalaman dan luaran..mau jadi bridesmaid kan end of this month hahaha mau juga glow mcm pengantin ba

That’s all for today. Just a quick updates from me.

Love, Mich 🌸


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