Giveaway Prizes and Bloody Back Pain

Hello there! Happy Sunday!

I just woke up two hours ago…yup I woke up at 10:30am instead of like the usual 7am even on Sunday so I’m a bit confused lol. No. Actually I have this back pain since yesterday and it was really bad! Hence the long deep sleep. Ugghh I hate it that I have to cancel my Zumba class and hike trip AGAIN where my ankle is good but not my back. I’m not sure if it’s muscle sore? Or ‘wind’? But it’s so bloody painful as hell. Anyway, as I’m writing this I think the pain has subsided a little. Thank goodness I wanna it go fast asap!

Okay enough with my backpain. Let’s see what’s my story highlighted in the last few days.

I got that as a prize from Althea’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Well it took long for my Christmas gift so let just say it’s a New Year gift lol. It’s a Korean product and it’s all written in Korean except for the ingredients. At first I was skeptical to use this since its written ‘foam’ might not be good for my skin but the brush is so soft and fine I just got to give it a try! 😁 At least only on my nose area since it said something about ‘black’ and ‘pore’ I assumed it’s for blackhead 😅 Okay, I really love the brush because it’s so soft but the cleanser, it’s too harsh for me. My side of nose feel burning. I don’t think I’m gonna use this too often. Maybe only when I see some annoying dirts on my nose.

Another gift! Yay thanks! But my husband has just got to say this “it’s that for a baby? they’re too small” HAHA! I admit those cute tops are too small for me! They’re in XS size! I tried them on and I looked funny…okay just funny tummy lol. I should get back my XS size to fit on these cute tops from H&M 😝

Been craving of frap for so long and finally I got it but oh well then it reminds me why I don’t buy Starbucks anymore. I got stomach-ache after that. I don’t know why everytime I had this Java chip frappucino, i got stomach upset.

Okay I have to stop now and have my lunch!

Please let me know how to get rid of this twinging back pain 😕


My Current Favourite Beauty Products

Hello beauties!

It’s been awhile since I write about skincare or any beauty products. So today, as promised on my previous post I’m going to share with you some of my current favourite beauty products. You can call this a mini-review. There’s not much though because I’m kind of still in a trauma from using too much or too ‘powerful’ product.

If you didn’t know yet, last November was a terrific moment for my skin. Read here. I am so glad my skin is now getting much much better!

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

This cleanser is a saviour! At first it was sooo weird to cleanse my face with a non-soap liquid. But it actually works fine with me. Since now my skin type has changed to dry/sensitive skin, soapy-foamy face wash just won’t do anymore goodness to my skin. I did a little (or maybe hours, daily and weekly) research, a gentle cleanser is what I need to take care of my current skin type. What I love the most about this cleanser? Well it’s…gentle?! And it’s fragrance-free too. I used to love anything with a good smells of fragrance but I now realized it’s not an option for anyone who’s got a sensitive skin. I reallyyyy hope my skin will love this cleanser for a long time because finding another one is truly a struggle. It’s my second bottle now, so fingers crossed!

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

I just started using this lotion on December and all I can say so far is, it really moisturizes my skin well. Really helps my dry forehead and nose. I bought the trial size packed together with the 59ml gentle cleanser. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if this lotion will do any wonders apart from hydrating but for now I’m gonna let it just do what its supposed to do because I’m loving the moist feeling and at least in my case, I can still feel the moisture until the end of the day where I wipe off my makeup! Aiming the one with SPF now.

Also, I noticed my acne healed fast than usually too! Hopefully it’s the Cetaphil magic!

Nano Intensive Brightening Serum

As you can see it’s an empty bottle, a proof that I use it til the very last drop and a proof of me loving this serum. I have freckles since I was 12 maybe, and started to get lots of sun spots during my 20s and that’s because I.did.not.wear.any.sunscreen! Not until I reached 25. I know it’s crazy and I’m living in a hot-all-year country. Okay…back to the serum, it helps in reducing the dark spots yay! The sad part was, it took such a long time to reduce them. Or maybe it’s just me being impatient. Only when the serum left with about 10% then I could see the results. Well at least there is something. Oh it’s affordable too compared to some fantastic serum out there that I could never afford.

Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF 50+

This one, well not really a favorite but a currently must-use since my moisturizer didn’t have the sun protection formula. What I like about this sunscreen is, it has this BB essence which looks like I had apply a real BB cream in a very light way. Of course it didn’t cover up my blemishes but somehow I like how it looks like on my face once I dab my compact powder on top of it.


Pink Cashmere Fine Fragrance Mist by Bath & Body Works

I don’t really buy perfume now but this fragrance mist from BBW is an exception. I’m so in love with its smooth and sweet smells. Even my husband doesn’t care if he smells like a girl; he loves it too! For some reason, it stays all day on me since I not only spray it randomly on my body but I delicately spray on my pulse. I’ve read somewhere though that this fragrance mist (perhaps anything from BBW or VS too) is full with harmful chemical but hey just let this girl finish this one bottle okay lol! I… might repurchase though 😂

So I guess that’s it. 😊 Thanks so much for reading. Any of you using the same products as well? Any tips for a sensitive skin? Just comment down below!

Love, Mich 💋

A Little Throwback and Sad Ankle

Hello! Happy Saturday!

I suppose to go to church today but I got sprained ankle since last Thursday where I fell like a silly little kid. Imagine if I was holding an ice cream lol. I don’t know why…how…did I fell down?! I thought it was the last step of the stairs? Nope. I skipped two steps out of nowhere.

Fortunately by the time I write this blog, the swelling subsided. Thanks RICE! –rest, ice, compress, elevation- and 1 time painkiller.

Okay enough with my sad ankle, let’s have a little throwback to the first week of the month.

We celebrated the new year at my husband’s hometown together with his family. Just a simple celebration with food and drinks (bonus: homemade rice wine is a must lol), karaoke and fireworks! The next day is for a hangover day lol so we didn’t go out. And another next day, father in law decided to bring us all for a hike. Well, more like a “job-day” for the man because they had some cleaning around their rubber plantations up there.

I just love this greeny view – paddy fields and rubber plantations. Have any of you smell the fresh paddy before it turns into real rice? Hmmm i love it!

We weren’t ready for a hike, hence the white old shirts that we found from husband’s old closet 😅 anyway, we had great time!

Another highlight from the week, father in law cook this dish:

It’s like the bitter bean but it’s not bitter or stinky at all. We called it “kumpang” here. 😅 I don’t know what’s its real name. It’s my first time trying this dish and I kind of like it. (bean, anchovies, ginger, chillies and tomatoes)

Back in the city, I don’t know what’s got into me that I’ve been craving a lot for sweet drinks. These are the drinks that I got:

  • ChaTraMue – Salted Caramel Thai Iced Tea
  • Yoyo – Oolong Tea
  • U-Tea – Uji Matcha Cheese Tea
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Chai Latte
  • Macao Imperial – Cherry Blossoms Tea

I personally love the Salted Caramel tea although there’s not much taste of either salty or caramel. And of course I loveee the cheese tea yum-yum! I don’t really like the chai maybe because it’s too flavorful? But I managed to finished the whole cup though 😁

I’ve been doing well with cutting my carbs intake but not with sugar LOL! And I got zero workout since last December oh gosh! I really need to start somewhere soon after my ankle is good to go.

Well, okay except on the day when I sprained my ankle. I ate huge carbs of loaded potato bowl from KFC. 😂

I finally got the time or more like got the mood to watch Bird Box. I like it! Although I’ve read some reviews saying that it’s a bad movie, I personally love the fears and survival emotion from the movie. And of course afterall, it’s just a movie. Oh, I always love Sandra Bullock!

I think that’s enough for now. My next post will be about my current and favorite beauty products. Until then! ❤

Have a great weekend!