RECIPE | Sweet Potato Donuts Coated With Brown Sugar

I love love love sweet potato if you don’t know yet! Best to eat just like that after being steamed, or as a sweetened desserts with sago, or as fries, you name it. But this time I wanted to do something else with them. …Donuts!!…

It’s so hard to find these kind of donuts here nowadays. I mean, it’s easier to make compared to the plain donuts coated with fine sugar. Yup you heard it right! This sweet potato donuts are much more easier to make than the plain donuts; no eggs, no yeast and no butter needed! If you never taste or make this before and wish to try it out, there’s a recipe below. Trust me, it’s easy and yummy!


  • 500gm of sweet potato
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 tablespoon of rice flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of soda bicarbonate
  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of water

How to make it:

  • Peel the skin of sweet potato, sliced, and boil until soften then mash it.
  • Mix mashed potato with the flour, rice flour and soda bicarbonate. Knead until mix well.
  • Rest the dough for about 10 minutes.
  • Scoop about 40g of the dough and roll on your palm to make a small ball. Shape it round and dig a hole in the middle until you have a nice donut shape.
  • Heat deep frying oil and fry until slightly brown. Drain and put aside.
  • For coating: in a wok, pour in water and brown sugar. Cook until the mixture are fragrant and thicker. Deep in all the donuts and coat it well until all covered with the brown sugar.
  • And…that’s it! They’re ready to serve!

I’m sure there’s a lot more different version for this sweet potato donuts can be found but you can say this is my version. I used brown sugar instead of white or palm sugar but you can use whatever you like.

Didn’t I told ya it’s easy? And it’s yummy? Yesss! Actually it’s my first time in making these donuts andddd it’s a success! Back in my hometown, my mom always brought these from the Sunday market and I really love it. But now, as I mentioned earlier it is kind of hard to find these anymore. Thank goodness it’s actually easy to make! So now, feel free to try it and don’t forget to share whether you like it or not. 😊

Now I got some cleaning to do from the fun mess just now. Until my next post!

Love, Mich 🍩


Storytelling : A Story From Them

If you ever read the 1st and 2nd stories, by now you will familiar with the white house, my late-grandma’s house. This time I’ll share another spooky moments experienced by my friends.

Event 1

After the white house has been renovated, my uncle hires a helper to look after the house whenever she’s free. Note that we only use the house for when there’s an event like birthday party, wedding, or family meeting. One day, I remember there’s an event but couldn’t remember what kind of event was that. So the helper was asked to help with the preparation in cleaning and cooking for the event, also had to sleep for the night. Luckily she brought her friend to accompany her that night. While sleeping, suddenly she awakened with the creaking sound of a door being open. It’s their bedroom door! Then she saw there’s this ugly figure standing by the door glaring at her right to her eyes, suddenly moving in towards their bed. She said, it was so ugly that she really wanted to pound at it but could only scream as she can’t move her body “get out! get out now! you’re so ugly!” she was really glad that she could scream while her body can’t move. Of course she was really scared that time but imagining what could’ve gone worst if she didn’t try anything – scream, she forced herself.

With that loud shout, her friend wokes up and asked what happened. The helper only let her friend know what’s the matter in the next morning. The helper told this story to my mom, then passed to me. The helper said she also did heard the same thing i heard from the kitchen; cracking eggs, washing dishes, cooking sound, water from the tap etc..

image source:pexels

Event 2

At the same house too, there’s a wedding in the family. It’s my cousin’s wedding day. It’s normal here to invite the whole village whenever there’s a wedding, so there’ll be crowded with adults as well as kids. So kids being kids, they just love to play around be it inside or outside a house; running, laughing and shouting. There’s this one boy, my dear friend’s little brother called Tom suddenly shouting, run down the stairs heading to the living room and started to cry. He cries for a few minutes and keep saying “he’s upstairshe’s upstairs” in between his cries. The other kids said they can feel his body was shaking and he got a pale look. After he finally stopped crying, he told the other kids (my aunt and cousin’s kids) that while they were playing hide n seek, he saw a ‘kid’ was standing in a corner upstairs, with a serious face and pale as a corpse and the ‘kid’ actually talked to Tom! “play. let’s play” And that’s when Tom started to scream and run leaving the upstairs area.

The other kids told me this story, so I told them back that it’s a lesson to learn : you can play but not too much and no screaming or else there’s another kid will accompany you guys and shut your mouth with his stinky hand in a scary looking face?! Then they went outside sitting with their own parents. lol.

I do believe in Tom’s story. Kids don’t lie. Especially when they’re scared and crying.

image source:pexels

Event 3

This last story is by my dearly sister. I don’t remember what year was it but it was around that time when my sister just got the job as a teacher and posted in Kudat, a 1 and a half drive from our town. At that time, the school where she works doesn’t have quarters flat for teachers yet so they have to rent house nearby. So we accompanied her to her rent house to help with all of her stuff. I remember I saw there’s garlic and lime everywhere. Maybe it’s the previous tenant or the owner who puts it there; somewhere on top of the ceiling fan switch, on the floor at every corner of each room and on some windows. Heard that garlic and lime are used to “frighten” the ghost. Not sure if it’s true though.

Fast forward to couple of weeks later, one morning when she wakes up around 5am, she feels terrible. She could barely move her body. She was on her right side facing the wall, and when she tried to turn on the other side she almost fainted! There’s an old lady, white hair in a messy bun, cross-legged sitting right beside her bed, smiling at her. The old lady was just an inch away from her face. She closed her eyes while her heart racing so fast. Fortunately nothing really happened and she was calm after that. When she opened her eyes, the old lady was gone.

Not sure who’s actually the old lady but one thing for sure, my sister was home alone during that event. Was the old lady even a human? We don’t know. I’m not sure if my sister had asked about it from the landlord but few days after that incident my sister decided to move out.

image source:pexels

I find myself always interested with these kind of true stories. I know maybe it’s not that scary for you but since it’s a true story and they’re my friends/relatives I still got goosebumps.

Do you have any experience something like this? I’d love to hear 😊

Bites n Sips : 90’s Restaurant

We just had our brunch at home but I really wanted to go to this new restaurant, loving the interior design. They served western and asian dishes (more to Korean dishes).

We were greeted by the friendly waiter and brought to our seat. Since we’re still full, I just briefly read the menu and ordered Potato Fries with Cheese, Black Tea topped with Cream Cheese, and Vanilla Ice-cream with honey for my sister. There’s quite a lot to choose from the menu. Gotta try them next time.

The cheese on that potato fries doesn’t taste like cheese at all! It’s too sour for me. It’s more like mayonnaise or sour cream. But the black tea was so good! It’s so refreshing even with the cream cheese on top. The cream cheese doesn’t have that ‘heavy’ texture like the one from Green Mug. Aaah I want more of it. Sister said she dislike the ice-cream. Lol. It tastes just fine for me.

That’s my metal straw there 😛

I’m not sure where’s the 90’s vibes until I saw this led sign:

uggh my camera is so bad. It says “it’s not the 90’s you expect”

And there’s another dining area that looks more like a disco dance vibes (i think so lol) but I forgot to take proper pictures and took a short video instead.

Forced my sister to take this lol i just love pretty things 😅 it reminds me of our wedding backdrop design ❤

I remember from the menu that they have set lunch for Rm9.90 including side dishes and drinks during weekdays! Should go there during weekdays then 😁

Now that I saw their menu, I know what to order the next time I go back there. I’ll make sure to come back there during weekdays 😊 Oh, they have handcrafted fresh popsicle mocktails too! Interesting!

Okay that’s all for this series. Thanks for reading!